Shamsia Hassani, the first Afghan designer who talks about the strength of women (photos)

Although everyone in Afghanistan would like her to wear the veil, Shamsia Hassani fights the gray citizen armed with a mask and cans. She is "the first Street Artist of Kabul and does everything possible so that women have the rights they deserve. The girl is 28 years old, she is originally from Tehran, Iran, she teaches at the University of Kabul and since last Saturday, some of her works they are exhibited at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles for which he has chosen some particularly representative graffiti.

© Facebook Shamsia Hassani's drawings

Entitled "Secret', 'Birds of No Nation" And "Once Upon a Time", depict women who dream of a new beginning, away from violence.
Her heroines are always dressed in the traditional way, hair partially covered and veil as a synonym of obscurantism. Through her works the girl wants to emphasize the possibility of bringing together past and present, tradition and modernity.

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'In many countries it is thought that the burqa is guilty of everything, if women removed it everything would be fine: it is not so. Many women cannot even get an adequate education and this is far more important than the burqa": these are the words of Shamsia to Art Radar Journal.

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