The best gifts for newborns

You wouldn't think so, but giving a gift to a baby who is about to be born is not always easy. First of all because parents, grandparents and uncles always think about the most useful things, secondly because if you have no experience with children, you never know what is really useful and appreciated, not to mention the risk of giving a duplicate! This is why we come to your rescue with a list of ideas to find the perfect gift for a newborn!

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Giraffe diaper cake

If there is one thing that new parents will surely need, it is diapers! Obviously it is not nice to show up with a deluxe package of diapers, but you can always buy a "cake" of diapers, like this one we offer you. In addition to presenting your useful gift at its best, the giraffe transforms into a plush blanket. And on top you'll also find two adorable themed slippers!

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Set of 6 absorbent bandanas

Any parent will love this thoughtful gift as it not only helps take better care of the baby but also cuts down on changes! Goodbye old-fashioned, super-white gags - these absorbent bandanas are super fun.
In sets of 6 100% cotton.


Fisher-Price cloth book

To stimulate the child's curiosity, a paper book is too risky, because it would risk hurting himself with the paper. A cloth book, on the other hand, is perfect! 3 soft pages with a variety of surfaces to discover and cute animals, easily attaches to the stroller or diaper bag with the ring.


Fisher-Price Gym

One of the baby's first toys: five hook-up toys plus the musical lion (with two music modes) will keep him really busy.The baby can play lying on his stomach, on his stomach or sitting, on the padded mat that you can carry everywhere.


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