Emma Marrone sexy as you've never seen her before. Check out the photos of the singer in lingerie!

Emma Marrone is known for her style and her rock and aggressive soul, yet lately the singer from Salento has shown a more refined and sensual side that she seems to want to value more and more. The interpreter launched by Friends now a few years ago, she was in fact chosen as testimonial for the 35th year of activity of the Sloggi brand and posed in many sexy shots that give us an unprecedented spicy and feminine version of the volcanic singer, formerly of Stefano De Martino and Marco Bocci.

"I made a gift to my self-esteem," said Emma, ​​who will be the face and body of Sloggi throughout 2014. Already sensual in the cover photo of her latest album, Back, in the photos taken for the lingerie brand, Marrone looks sexy, natural and self-confident. Between one photo and another, the ex of Friends by Maria De Filippi admitted that initially she was a little embarrassed but then she broke up, adding: "I liked her. I thought: I'm not so ugly, not even so clumsy. I feel I have made a gift to my self-esteem ”.

And what do you think of it? Check out the sexy photos of the singer in lingerie below.

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