Unicorn mania and pastel shades: Rainbow colors become a beauty trend!

We are talking about a fashion that comes from the United States and England, where imagination and creativity reign supreme. And also where the girls dare more, with their hair, with their clothing, with the colors of the glazes and the eyelashes. Do you remember the hair of the unicorns?

Unicorn hair craze

Pink is very popular but also purple and light blue. They are new hair colors revisited to be as natural as possible. Of course, they are colors that dare and that would give anyone a particular, whimsical look, but the trend proposes lighter and more delicate colors, obtained through the insertion of colored pigments in the colors, where and how we want. How are they inserted? Through classic techniques such as shatush or balayage. Of course, blondes are more fortunate and are able to play more easily with unicorn colors. We must always remember, however, that bleaching dehydrates the hair, which must be treated with greater attention.
Let's take a look at how some stars have interpreted this fairytale trend:

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© gettyimages Hilary Duff

Pastel shades for the nails

If we don't feel ready for such an important change of look and prefer to keep trendy but more "classic" hair colors, let's go for the hands! The nails, which in spring / summer 2016 range from nude to Pantone colors, are colored with light blue, light green, yellow, lilac and the inevitable pink, all in pastel shades with a varnish effect in the foreground. Summer is upon us, the colors of the sun explode in our wardrobes as well as on our hands, always well cared for, on which we can indulge ourselves by coloring each finger differently, to remember the hair of the unicorn or the splendor of the most tenuous rainbow.

If, on the other hand, you are not yet ready for summer, we suggest you color your hands with a flower meadow-proof nail art, here's how to get it:

Rainbow passion for make-up

The eyes and lips are colored with shades of the rainbow. Imaginative make-up, colors that mix on the eyelids and lashes, where mascara and eyeshadow become Rainbow: fuchsia, blue, green, light blue, yellow, and the eyes light up of colors. Even the lips are colored in a particular way and not just the classic red: you prefer light but bright colors. And the eyebrows?

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© Pinterest Colored eyebrows: play with the craziest trend of 2016!

If you want to aim for a more "sober" look there are lots of colorful alternatives to classic (and timeless) black eyeliner or dark smokey eyes, which are still very trendy for spring / summer 2016 make-up. choose which look suits you best, perhaps combining more classic aspects with little unicorn mania gems!

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