Casual or elegant winter outfits to face the cold with style

Winter outfits may seem more complicated than summer ones and in part they are. They are because we need more layers to cover us from the cold and fight low temperatures. Who could give up a large and enveloping scarf that, in addition to protecting from the cold, embraces and cuddles us on any occasion? We are also used to believing that winter is synonymous with dark colors in a few shades but the 2018 trends speak of something else: bright colors, patterns and unlikely mixes, provided that these rules are respected:

Winter 2018 outfit: trends and news

The winter 2018 outfits break the barriers and offer us a revolution in the name of color: not only the classic neutral colors or shades of burgundy, blue and black, but a real celebration of the rainbow in contrast with the gray of the sky. . Multi-layered and voluminous, this is the perfect winter outfit for 2018, but there is also a minimal or super casual version that will be difficult to give up. A little boysh, a little retro, 2018 is clear: if you don't pick up the cult pieces of the 80s and 90s from your closet, you can't be trendy this winter. You know the denim or corduroy jacket with the inside fur coat? Or the bulky and colorful sweaters? really useful! And if on the one hand, combining patterns and volumes is a trend of winter 2018, the so-called "suits" are also back in vogue: do not worry about choosing the same fabric and the same pattern for shirt and skirt or jacket and trousers, this strategy is also highly appreciated!

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Casual winter outfit: from jeans to skirt to always be on top

For a casual and stylish winter outfit, jeans will be our best friend, as long as you are not particularly cold! In fact, whether it's super skinny or with a low crotch, the versatility of jeans allows us to make it perfect for any occasion: combined with an oversized sweater in powder pink or cream and a stiletto, this casual winter outfit is perfect for an evening. with friends or for a more formal appointment. If you replace the short fleece sweater and a pair of winter sneakers, the result will be more sporty but just as casual and fashion. Here are some jeans proposals:

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© Gas Jeans Skinny jeans to enhance the butt

If, on the other hand, you are super chilly, abandon jeans and opt for more comfortable fabric trousers, under which you can also hide a nice pair of warm, warm tights! You can choose velutino trousers, perhaps ribbed and slightly high-waisted, for a casual and retro winter outfit. Or for a skirt with zipper a nice pair of cuissardes, perfect for any occasion!

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© Zara Skirt with zipper: the sexiest garment in autumn winter fashion

For an elegant winter outfit, go for palazzo trousers!

He, the unparalleled in terms of elegance, the palazzo trousers is the garment that will make your winter outfit elegant and chic. ! For a truly elegant winter outfit, you can combine palazzo pants with a silk shirt or a satin-like blouse (hiding the magical tank top underneath), a pair of stilettos or sock boots and a linear coat, with a kimono cut. or masculine. Charm and refinement will accompany you minute by minute! Or you can maintain the elegant outfit effect also by combining the palazzo trousers with a sweater or a crop sweater in wool or chenille. Short coat or down jacket and that's it! For the colors you can opt for: black trousers, white blouse and red coat, but also combine different shades and shades, including red and purple, as well as dark blue and fuchsia! You just have to choose:

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© Zara Palazzo pants

Office outfits for winter: flawless even at work!

For a perfect office outfit for winter, the question is one: how formal is your work environment? If the answer is "very much", you just have to choose between: a more classic suit jacket and trousers (yes, palazzo trousers are also perfect with jackets); or for elegant high-waisted trousers with a shirt that has been cut out from the top. you can easily opt for more original and imaginative combinations. If, on the other hand, your work environment is not formal at all, give space to the imagination: over-sized dresses and over-the-knee boots for lovers of comfort; or for high-waisted bell skirts and leather boots, to be combined with sweatshirts or crop top sweaters. Do not forget to give a more glamorous touch by choosing the right coat that will keep you company for most of the winter!

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© iStock The most beautiful coats of autumn winter

Aperitif in winter: the outfits according to the type of evening!

The advantage of winter is the heating present in all the rooms: this will allow you to be able to choose your aperitif outfit. Of course, the aperitif looks change according to the evening: if you are at a business aperitif, we recommend a mini dress in bright colors, to be combined with opaque and indestructible tights and a nice, comfortable and stylish platform. If, on the other hand, you are looking for the winter outfit to amaze your friends or your boyfriend at an aperitif, wearing a pair of leather leggings is the perfect solution! You can wear them with original shirt, sweater and sneakers, or with stilettos and oversized sweater to slim the figure and be super cool. Get inspired by looking at these different outfits:

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© Pinterest Leather leggings: all the coolest combinations

Winter outfits for the evening: elegant dinner or disco?

If you are looking for a winter outfit for the evening, here too you have to make a distinction depending on the occasion you will participate in. Going out in the evening in winter can be really tough, especially for lovers of the pajama-sofa-show combination, but if you can't avoid it, or you're super party-goer even in sub-zero temperatures, here are the evening outfits you can opt for:

  • winter outfit for an elegant dinner: in this case, a nice coat or an ecological fur will save you, because an elegant dinner requires items that almost never include sweaters and socks that are too thick. Choose a minimal dress, or cashmere, to combine with a matching boot, and a long coat, both masculine and kimono cut. Or for trousers with soft and elegant fabrics, to be combined with boots or, for the bravest and fashionistas, even with sandals with a particular and refined tights.
  • winter outfit for the disco: if your evening will be full of fun and unbridled dancing, the cold will not be a problem for you, except when traveling. The looks for the club certainly vary according to the company, but it is still true that, while dancing, the temperatures rise and we will not need very warm sweaters or pants! Choose a sleeveless or short-sleeved dress, or a mini skirt, depending on the company. The important thing will be to cover everything with a nice warm coat and a scarf, so as not to be affected once you leave the club. And for those who love to keep up with fashion but don't want to give up comfort when they go wild on the track, there are the perfect knee-high boots for every look:

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