Test: which tattoo to do? The perfect tattoo according to your personality!

Each tattoo has its own meaning: that it is profound, that it is linked to a memory, that it represents a particular moment, the tattoo speaks of itself to its owner and to its indirect viewers. Choosing what to tattoo is not so immediate, even if the rule does not apply to everyone. C "is the one who knows this by instinct and proceeds in a rapid and targeted manner; c" is the one who takes advice from the tattoo artist himself; c "are those who seek inspiration from others or those who rely on feelings. The important thing is to prepare yourself as best as possible, in this video there is" all there is "to know before getting a tattoo:

But if you are still unsure and need some inspiration "that takes a voice from your character, this test will allow you to discover the perfect tattoo for you based on your personality. Ready? Go!"

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Furthermore, tattoos are also chosen based on two precise criteria: the choice of place, which goes from tattoos on the ankle, neck, foot or based on passions, such as travel, food, sport or more simply Disney cartoons! In short, you just have to choose and here are some inspirations