The best gift ideas for a first birthday

Your puppy's first birthday is truly a great event and as such it is only fair to celebrate it in the right way!
If you have already thought of everything but you miss the gift, here are some ideas for you, but also for relatives and friends to make your little one happy!

It will be an unforgettable party and the birthday boy will be old enough to play with his new gifts, obviously designed for his age!
Here are our gift ideas for a first birthday!

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Disney Memories Album

It may seem like a gift for parents, who will surely have a multitude of funny photos and anecdotes about the birthday boy, but in reality, children love to look at themselves in photos and recognize loved ones in photos and videos.
This is why a scrapbook is a great idea to play with your child! And if the album is studded with the most beloved Disney characters, you will see that it will surely be his favorite book!

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Interactive music mat

Sounds and animals: can you think of a better gift for a 1 year old baby?
Made of plastic and fabric, very soft and light, safe and durable for your baby. It runs on battery and plays magical and interesting music that stimulates the baby's hearing and cognitive abilities. A truly fantastic gift for learning the names of animals and cute melodies.

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Pool of colored balls

Such a simple idea but we bet you would never have thought of it. Yet a ball pool is an easy and inexpensive way to make any child happy!
It will be his new favorite place where he can play undisturbed without risking getting hurt.
You can take it apart and move it as you want! The balls are not included in the package.

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Marine bath animals

Bath time is always fun! Here is a set of funny sea animals that will make it even more enjoyable!
Let your baby invent fantastic stories in the depths of the bathtub and learn all the names of his new aquatic friends!


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