You get married? 6 tips for arranging tables at your wedding

The organization of a wedding requires a lot of energy, no matter what family it is. There are uncles who hate other uncles, the grandmother who has quarreled with a third degree niece ... It is certainly not easy to make everyone have lunch , or dinner, with a smile on his lips.
And this is just one of the many things that require attention ...

  1. · 1. Start with the basics
  2. · 2. Choose the formula you want
  3. · 3. Beware of bon ton
  4. · 4. What not to do when arranging the tables
  5. · 5. Tips for the ideal wedding table
  6. · 6. How to manage surprise cancellations and last minute guests

1. Start with the basics

Generally, 20% of wedding guests decline. It is therefore useless to think about the arrangement of the tables months before. Just have a fortnight in advance, work only when you know the exact number of guests.
In this regard, arm yourself with pen and paper and start drawing the reception room.
The ideal would be to have 8 people per table (the round table favors interaction) and about double for the table of honor, strategically positioned in the center. For this operation you can choose whether to be supported by your future husband or to include also the parents of both, but it must be admitted that the second option takes much, much longer ...

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2. Choose the formula you want

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There are usually two options in a marriage:
- Seated dinner or lunch. Assign a seat to each guest (each name will be written on the appropriate placeholders). Ideal if you want your guests to "mingle with each other". If you are sure of your choices, it is a very pleasant way to introduce people who will surely agree. A panel positioned at the entrance of the room will indicate the assigned tables and you can also decide to assign only the table to the guests and leave them the choice of seat inside the table. This method is very convenient if it is a large wedding, but it also has a big limitation: people who know each other will tend to form groups and some guests will feel isolated.
- The mixed formula. The guests are seated with their assigned seats up to and including the second dish. For cheeses and desserts, a buffet will allow those who wish to move and change places.
If you want to make your wedding unforgettable, pay attention to the place cards and the panel with the assigned tables: do not leave anything to chance!

3. Beware of bon ton

In a marriage it is good to mix the two families, this has a strong symbolic value. Also remember that the places of honor are those to the right of the housewife, therefore to the right of the bride's mother and the groom's mother. This is where the priest should sit, in case you and your future husband decide to invite him. upon receipt.
Couples who are engaged should never be separated, unlike those who have been married for more than a year. The members of these couples, in fact, can participate in the reception sitting at different tables.

4. What not to do when arranging the tables

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Even if you could, it is still good not to split the pairs, so as to avoid annoying complaints. For the same reason, it is strongly recommended not to reveal the panel with the layout of the tables in advance: the guests will only discover the place they have been assigned at the reception.
Pay attention to the relationships between guests. Therefore, avoid having ex-boyfriends sit next to each other and do not set up a table of singles with the attempt to get them to marry each other: you would only risk creating inconvenience!
Another very useful advice is to break down the barriers between families, do not put cousins ​​at one table and friends at another: try to mix them according to age and interests.

5. Tips for the ideal wedding table

As much as possible try to alternate men and women and make sure that at each table there is a fun and sociable person who acts as a glue. Provide tables for the youngest, one for the twenties, one for the teenagers and one for the children: in this way no one will find themselves babysitting the little ones!
Another necessary attention is to ask your parents where they prefer to sit, so that they can be at ease throughout the ceremony.

6. How to manage surprise cancellations and last minute guests

It can happen: someone who could not come but who, at the last moment, was able to free himself; your cousin has found the boy and has seen fit to invite him ... To be able to add a person, do not overload the tables. it must be the space for additional covers: don't forget to notify the catering!
In addition to this, it can also happen that someone who had confirmed their presence can no longer come ... the advantage of the round table: you can discreetly remove a seat and no one will notice!

Now that you've got an overview of the table arrangement ... Do you think it's time to think about the decorations?

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