Weekly horoscope from 12 to 18 November 2018: Mars in the sign of Pisces!

Aries: ready to fight?

Dear Aries, this week every day will be a battlefield: there is open war between you and your partner and you are not going to let them pass one. But be careful not to pull too hard if you don't want to risk losing it forever… Good news arrives at work in the middle of the week. Wednesday and Thursday will be two really lucky days for the matches.Are you or your partner prone to cheating? Find out now here:

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Taurus: in recovery!

Dear Taurus, week of great recovery for your sign! Starting from Thursday, the planet Mars will stop being unfavorable to you and will return to smile at you: you will find energy, physical shape and desire to do. The weekend promises to be full of emotions: a beautiful lucky moon will shine in your sky on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some mishaps at work, however, are possible between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Gemini: keep it up!

Dear Gemelli, it seems that someone is angry with you and wants to hinder your success at all costs: do not get too paranoid, it is the opposition of Mercury that creates slowdowns and blocks in your work. Continue with the safety that distinguishes you and no one will be able to stop you! In love, the stars help you to clarify your relationship and favor, for single women, the birth of new loves: open eyes!

Cancer: opposite moon ...

Dear Cancer, Venus unfavorable risks making this week really heavy in terms of feelings: quarrels with your partner will be the order of the day and you will not always be able to understand each other. Pay particular attention to Monday, when an opposite moon will make communication between you even more complicated. Instead, focus everything on the days of Friday, Saturday and Sunday, when a bit of cloudless weather will return.

Leo: what energy!

Dear Leone, Heaven couldn't smile at you more than this! You have both Venus and Mercury on your side, ready to give you success and satisfaction in the sentimental and professional sphere. Furthermore, starting from Thursday, you will no longer have Mars in opposition: you will feel more energetic, serene and full of strength to face every challenge! The only flaw of the week: an opposite moon that risks making you a little nervous between Tuesday and Thursday.

Virgo: Opposite Mars ...

Dear Virgo, unfortunately this week the planet Mars will come into opposition to your sign, bringing a little more tiredness. At work there may be difficulties or unforeseen events, especially possible on Friday, when you will also have the moon in opposition. Even the weekend risks being nervous: be careful not to unload everything on your partner, or even in that field you will risk accumulating stress!

Libra: love arrives!

Dear Libra, have you already found Love, the one with a capital "a"? Not yet? Know that it may be closer than you imagine! Between Tuesday and Friday you could have a meeting destined to give you important emotions ... keep your eyes open! Some good news is coming at work, especially possible in the central part of the week. The weekend will be all about feeling and relaxation.

Scorpio: ready for rematch?

Dear Scorpio, starting from Thursday the planet Mars will stop rowing against you and will begin to act in your favor: a period of great revenge will begin, in which you will finally recover all that energy and physical strength necessary to reach for a long time. deadline important goals. Lucky days will be those of Monday, Saturday and Sunday. Days not, however, those of Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sagittarius: great news!

Dear Sagittarius, in this period every left is lost: there will be opportunities, especially for those looking for a turning point, whether it is a lucky meeting or a new job. Mercury favors your relationship life and paves the way for important news. Between Tuesday and Thursday the first results could already arrive. Instead, pay attention to the weekend, when a nervous moon could bring some tension between you and your partner ...

Capricorn: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Capricorn, your week begins with a really super day: Monday, in fact, you can count on a beautiful moon in conjunction, ready to give you surprises. The central part of the week, on the other hand, risks being rather tense, especially in terms of feelings: unfavorable Venus makes the relationship with the partner complicated and misunderstandings could arise. Fortunately, the clear will return at the weekend ...

Aquarius: what a week!

Dear Aquarius, wonderful news for your sign: yours will be a truly exceptional week! You have on your side the favor of Venus, ready to strengthen your relationship, and that of Mercury, which will help you reach some goals in the professional field. Furthermore, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can count on a splendid moon in conjunction: get ready to experience emotions that are difficult to forget!

Pisces: welcome, Mars!

Dear Pisces, starting from Thursday, the planet Mars will enter your sign: a period of great strength is preparing for you, in which certainly there will be obstacles, but you will have such determination and energy to be able to overcome them all! Furthermore, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can count on a splendid moon in conjunction, which will give you a lucky weekend full of emotions. And who knows that some of you may not find love too ...

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