Those who really love themselves don't post photos on Instagram like that

That we could understand much more from social media than we imagine, it now seems clear. Even from your social networks it would be possible to deduce when you are single and in general, sometimes unknowingly, through social media we tell about us much more than you see. How long do you want your relationship to last? We imagine that if you are in a reaction, you would like it to be solid and stable. You can start by watching the video then, it might help you open your heart:

So, from your Instagram wall and from the photos you post it seems possible to make a prediction on the duration of your relationship, or in general, it would be a principle to apply to any wall to deduce how long a story can be, let's see.

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How to tell if a relationship works from Instagram

One study claims that the more you share photos of yourself and your partner on social media, the more likely your relationship is to be short-lived. We had already seen it for happy couples who don't post photos on Facebook, and apparently Instagram has its secrets too. Everything would be related to how insecure you are in the relationship. The more uncertainties, the more the need to show the world how united and in love one is. This world of appearances hides doubts and a very strong desire for confirmation, from the partner himself and from the outside. If the foundations of the relationship are not solid, it will not take much to make it collapse. In short: less smoke and more roast, even on social networks. the oldest history of the world?

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And the Instagram of these couples who broke out in 2017? Who knows what they were like before the disaster!

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