Hair fashion 2016: all the trendy cuts and colors of this year!

There are many 2016 hair trends that involve evergreen cuts and fashionable colors among the most original ever, with brand new and daring shades that touch cherry shades and are tinged with pastel and ethereal nymph atmospheres.

Long hair, very short boyish-style haircuts or the much-loved long bob, in its infinite variations, will in fact be the must-haves to choose from to show off a trendy and fashionable hairstyle, in step with overseas trends. And alongside the classic colors, revisited and correct, green light to the imagination!

Here are all the hottest hair trends of 2016 in detail.

Long hair 2016: ideas and proposals for trendy cuts

Long, feminine and sensual cuts are back in fashion, preferably wavy and with important scaling, whether or not accompanied by bangs or side tufts. In fact, it is the beach waves trend that reigns supreme for long haircuts, with undulations with a romantic mood and Seventies-style hair with a more rock look.

The trend of the very accentuated side stripe is also in vogue, for a decidedly sexy side swept effect with a retro taste, borrowed from the fashion catwalks and perfect for important evenings or special occasions.

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Short hair 2016: all the most original hairstyles!

Not just lengths, on the contrary! THE short cuts perhaps they know their luckiest season: pixie cut and very short bob are in fact among the best choices for a trendy and gritty haircut. The boyish style is among the most popular with very short and à la garçonne haircuts that enhance elongated faces and give character and personality. In the more gritty version of the tousled pixie or in the more feminine and bon ton one of the helmets, this year's short cut is always a winning choice.

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Medium length hair: the best choices for 2016

The real protagonist of 2016 however remains the long bob, the medium length cut that knows no setbacks, continuing to be among the favorites of women for comfort and versatility.

Smooth, wavy (wob), or very scaled on the lengths in a punk-rock style (shag bob), the medium bob is undoubtedly the most trendy medium hairstyle of the season. Geometric and at par like the blunt cut, irregular and asymmetrical or very scaled with bangs and side tufts: there are many variations of the long bob among which you can range, to choose also based on the shape and facial features.

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Curly hair: the most original cuts of 2016

What if you have curly hair? Here is a series of perfect cuts for this 2016 to show off trendy hairstyles that will best enhance your hair, even the wildest and most indomitable!

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And for the colors? There is an embarrassment of choice, there is nothing to say. The shades of red win over all: from auburn to broux to the more intense variant of cherry bombre, the real revelation of 2016.

Pastel colors are also very successful, also thanks to Pantone's diktat: quartz pink and blue serenity - and their thousand variations, including denim - are in fact among the most popular choices for lovers of original and effect colors. And for those who want to overdo it with class? Perfect rose gold, a glam-chic strawberry blonde that made even the most shy conservatives fall in love with it.

Still on the side of "daring sparingly, we note greige, a very lucky chromatic mix that combines two very popular shades of nude shades such as gray and beige - also highly appreciated as enamel shades - and the mermicorn hair trend, that is the lightening of ice-colored hair tips for a more fantasy mood.

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Hair trends 2016: the great return of the headband and fringe

If you really want to be super trendy, here are two fashion gems worthy of the most up-to-date trendsetters on the planet. This year the fringe is a must: symmetrical, irregular, very thin, full or curtain, any variant is welcome as long as it does not leave the forehead uncovered, giving personality to the most varied cuts and haircuts.

But that is not all! For a Sixties-style revival that winks at the great divas of the past, welcome the bands: the mood is Brigitte Bardot style, between bon ton romanticism and retro femininity that never goes out of fashion. fringes, tufts and hairstyles with chic taste backcombing.

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