Yes, Eva Longoria got fat! And it is even more beautiful than before!

It has been known for some time that Eva Longoria was a rather nice girl: a smile always printed on her face, lively eyes and a sly expression, the ex Gaby of Desperate Housewives he stole our hearts several years ago now and continues to do so. That's right, on the occasion of her slight weight gain, which sees her even more sexy and fascinating than before, she showed an epic reaction, giving a real lesson in style and sense of humor worthy of praise and to remember. Now we explain why.

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The sexy Latin star showed a softer body than usual, and obviously the classic criticisms of the case have started, which do not forgive women to age and gain weight freely, all combined with a shower of rumors about a possible pregnancy. But our heroine, who has recently remarried to José Baston, has silenced everyone with this nice comment.

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"There has been a lot of talk about the pictures of me fat in a costume ... I feel compelled to tell you that, yes, I did! I ate a lot of cheese! So I tell my family not to worry, I'm not pregnant. I know. , I look like it, but that bulge is just cheese. A piece of cheese in my stomach. Seriously I look so fat? But do you know what? scoop for today. No pregnancy, just a big and very happy feast of cheese, wine and pancakes. "

© Photo taken from Eva Longoria's Instagram profile

Is it possible to leave in peace a 42-year-old woman who has chosen to live freely and without worry the passage of time and the natural changes of her body?

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