Eat healthy: natural and delicious recipes to lose weight with taste

Eating healthy is not always synonymous with renunciation and deprivation. Often it is possible to combine lightness and taste without too much difficulty. Just find the right recipes that are able to satisfy the palate and our need to lose weight and stay fit. To help you in this mission, we have decided to collect the Instagram accounts of the most popular influencers in terms of healthy and natural cooking, from which you can get ideas for delicious and low-calorie recipes at the same time. Here are the best choices for healthy and natural eating without sacrificing taste.

Before reading this article, find out everything there is to know to have a good breakfast.

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Eat healthy and natural: fruit, avocado and quinoa among the best foods for weight loss

One of the best ways to eat healthy and lose weight is to choose fruit of any kind to combine with other types of foods such as avocado, quinoa and flaxseed. These are in fact among the most suitable foods for a healthy and delicious diet at the same time that allows us to range between tasty sweet and savory recipes, as the "Instagram account @deliciouslyella teaches us, of which we offer some images from which you can be inspired. for your culinary creations.

Avocado, also perfect for skin and hair care, is in fact a real panacea for the line: in addition to being healthy it is also very tasty and is suitable for both sweet and savory flavors. Here you can find recipes simple and original with avocado to combine taste and lightness. Quinoa also lends itself to all kinds of flavors: here are some ideas of sweet and savory dishes to take inspiration from.

© all photos taken by @deliciouslyella

Fruit smoothies, grilled vegetables on wholemeal bread, pea purée or wholemeal black bread toast with avocado. These are just some of the delicious foods that you can find in the @mynewroots account, which among the many options also offers a special "banana cake" with dark chocolate curls.

© All photos taken by @mynewroots

How to eat healthy: recipes based on cereals, oats, tofu and red fruits

Quinoa meatballs, cereal crumble, lilght parmesan, tofu with brown rice and oat soup and almond milk with red fruits for a perfect tasty and healthy porridge at the same time: here are some of the most original culinary ideas proposed by the account @ sproutedkitchen.

© All photos taken by @sproutedkitchen

Savory pies with vegetables, vegan quiches, couscous with red fruits and cereals and wholemeal pasta ravioli stuffed with vegetables are the basis of the recipes of the Instgram @iquitsugar account, which creates colorful and tasty dishes, pleasing to the eye as well as to taste A great way to make a great impression if you have guests who appreciate light and tasty cuisine.

© iquitsugar

On the Instagram page @hemsleyhemsley you can instead range from cheesecakes with avocado - also beautiful to look at - stuffed peppers with quinoa and tofu to Zoodles, delicious zucchini noodles.

© hemsleyhemsley

Eating healthy: the most delicious veggie recipes proposed by Instagram

For lovers of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, we recommend the @thesashadiaries account which offers a wide choice of dairy-free veggie recipes. It ranges from wholemeal pancakes with tofu and banana slices, vegan vegetable crepes or fajitas with spelled and quinoa and black beans. .

© thesashadiaries

The @dollyandoatmeal profile instead offers a series of recipes based on oats, a natural product with a thousand properties that goes perfectly with the sweet and savory flavors together. Here are some tasty ideas for healthy eating without sacrificing taste.

© dollyandoatmeal

Puffed rice, oats, wholemeal waffles with green apples or fruit-based smoothies for tasty but low-calorie sweet recipes. Here are the proposals on the Instagram page @nutritionisthenewblack, which you can also use for small mid-morning snacks or as a delicious, but not excessive, snack for your afternoon.

© nutritionisthenewblack

100% veggie recipes for the @veggieful account which offers healthy and tasty sweet and savory choices of all kinds. From vegetable-based quiches to fruit and vegetable centrifuged to cereal crumbles or sandwiches and vegan sandwiches.