How do two women have sex? 6 myths to dispel

Lesbian love, having long been a taboo, has given rise to a series of fantasies and stereotypes on the subject. Although it is now known how two women make love, the argument continues to be mythologized, and to believe in a series of false myths, which generalize and trivialize sex between women. Let's try to debunk some of them, answering a few questions and remembering that making love is always good, whether it's a heterosexual relationship or a homosexual one, look:

1. Sex between two women is based only on masturbation

False. The relationship between two women also includes masturbation, but it can also include penetration. Anal or vaginal, penetration can be done with the fingers, hand, tongue or with sexual objects such as wearable dildos or sex toys.
Surely rubbing and touch have a great importance, since foreplay, pampering, masturbation and the practice of cunnilingus, in the absence of penetration anxiety, are the exploratory basis and a great source of pleasure!

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2. Sex toys are needed between two women having sex

Just as they are in other types of relationships, therefore, they are used at the discretion of the two lovers' pleasure. Pleasure, attraction, desire and sexual intercourse are consumed regardless of the use of an object. The choice to use it remains, precisely, a choice as in all types of relationships.

3. There must be someone who plays the role of the man in the sex between two women

Absolutely not. Unless you want to engage in an erotic role-playing game, one of the two doesn't necessarily have to be the man of the situation. To be the man in a relationship, you have to be a man. The love between two women is a relationship between two women and like all relationships, conditioned by the characters, chemistry, attraction, fantasies of the two people. There are those above and those below, those who shout and those who scratch, those who are silent, those who squirt and those who do not, those who graze and those who tear apart. It depends on the two women in question, on the attraction in circulation, on the love between the two.

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4. Two women reach orgasm more easily

It's not easier, it's not more difficult. To begin with, the achievement of female orgasm is not necessarily determined by penetration. So it would be foolish to think that, without a man, the relationship does not come to an end, especially when we think that many straight women, despite being penetrated, do not reach the end. "orgasm. At the same time, it is not said that between two women one must necessarily reach orgasm and this is because, even if one may think that being both women then one knows how to do it, it is never all that simple. Pleasure is a speech. intimate and personal, and women are not all the same: each person is a discovery. In every relationship, being able to make the partner enjoy is a search, a stripping, the creation of an understanding and the realization of a dance of pleasure for two, which is exciting and complicated, regardless of gender and sexual orientation.

5. Among women, it is easier to understand when pretending to have an orgasm

And why should it be easier? A woman who wants to pretend will do so whether it is a heterosexual relationship or a homosexual relationship. Sex between women is not all roses if the two partners do not know each other well, are not accomplices to the end and do not feel comfortable communicating through their bodies and letting themselves go to pleasure.

6. If a woman makes love to another then she is a lesbian

Did you know that 80% of women have homosexual fantasies? A relationship with a woman does not necessarily lead to being lesbian. Love and sexuality are something intimate and private. You can have an affair with a woman, but decide you want to be with men. There are experiences, choices and the possibility of experiencing sexuality 100% without compromising. force having to close ourselves in a scheme or a definition, especially if we feel that it does not belong to us.

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