Coffee machine: how to choose the one that's right for you?

For many of us, coffee is a real ritual, where every gesture, every object has a well-defined role. Already an emblem of Italian design until a few years ago, now the coffee machine returns to have its importance also in terms of aesthetics: several companies have launched new, beautiful coffee machines.

Buying a coffee machine is not an easy task. In addition to having to analyze all the different types of machines and their functionalities, there is also the question of price. With our help you will be sure to buy the machine that best suits your routine, your tastes and, of course, pay the price. just for what the machine sets out to do.

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How to choose a coffee machine?

As mentioned before, there is no shortage of options, but which is the ideal coffee machine for your lifestyle? Before starting your research you need to ask yourself a few questions:

1. How often will I use my machine?
2. At what times of the day will I use it? Will I be in a hurry or is my priority to prepare my drink calmly?
3. What are my coffee tastes? Espresso, long, latte ...

These questions will define exactly what the role of the coffee machine will be in your routine, for example: if you are a coffee freak and you like to drink coffee all day long, a classic American coffee machine may be the right choice for you. If, on the other hand, you are a freelancer who often works from home and you want to be able to count on a nice cup of coffee during your lunch break, a barista-style coffee machine is definitely the best option. If you're always in a hurry but don't want to skip your sacred morning coffee at all, a pod coffee machine can save your life!

The variants are endless, but surely in this article you will find the perfect one for you: we have created our list considering different types of coffee machines - from the simplest to the most suitable for connoisseurs - all available on Amazon with bargain prices.

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1. American coffee machine: for those who prefer light coffee

The classic machine for making American coffee is the ideal option for those who love caffeine, but want to avoid its side effects: this type of machine offers a lighter and elongated drink that guarantees total control of the amount of caffeine ingested, because you can dose it based on the amount of coffee added to the upper bag. This product is a great buy for those who are going to live alone for the first time and need to stock the kitchen with all the basic appliances.

We suggest this model of Aicook, which has the capacity to produce up to 12 coffee cups and is equipped with a button for the control of the aroma, which allows you to adjust the blend according to your tastes. In addition, this American coffee machine has an automatic programming for coffee brewing. 2 years warranty included, plus permanent technical advice and customer support. What more can you ask for? A bargain price? You will be satisfied!

© Buy on Amazon for € 35.99

2. Coffee machine with pods

What s to do when coffee is needed but you are short on time? Fortunately, the solution is quite simple: a practical and fast espresso coffee machine with pods like the Nespressso. Just add the capsule with your favorite blend and go!

The model of coffee machine with Nespresso pods Inissia that we offer is a super deal: the classic and elegant black model is on sale on Amazon with a 39% discount! Much cheaper than on most other e-commerce sites!

© Buy on Amazon for € 59.90 (39% discount)

3. Espresso coffee machine with manual filter

If you are a coffee purist and you like to carry out the complete ritual of its preparation, we recommend an espresso coffee machine with a manual filter that allows you to perform all the necessary steps as you prefer. The De "Longhi model will be your best ally in the development of your barista techniques: it has a steam device that heats the milk and is capable of producing a dense and abundant foam for the perfect cappuccino.

© Buy on Amazon for € 79.98 (33% discount)

4. Automatic professional coffee machine

If you are looking for the top model on the market, this Aicook espresso coffee machine is ideal for you: it is almost entirely automatic and has a "one-touch" digital screen that allows you to choose between 6 different types of coffee, including espresso, macchiato. and cappuccino. This model also has a specific milk tank. It is ideal for those who appreciate the idea of ​​drinking a nice barista coffee at home, but do not really want to do everything manually. With this espresso machine, just add the powder into the filter and press a button. And its price on Amazon is really affordable: it's 20% lower than almost all other sites!

© Buy on Amazon for € 124.99

5. Bonus: the portable coffee maker

We have found the best travel companion for those who can't do without caffeine and adventure! The Staresso mini coffee machine is a more modern version of the "French press" and is extremely practical to carry around: it is suitable for both capsule and ground coffee. Made of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, this portable coffee machine manages to isolate the heat and at the same time protect your hands from possible burns. It is also a great option as a Christmas gift, thanks to its beautiful design - this product has won the Red Dot Design Award - and its color options: you can choose between the classic black, white, blue, pink or this original version in lively green that we propose.


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