May 2018 Horoscope: lots of love for Gemini and Cancer!

Aries: Mars supports you!

Dear Aries, the planet Mercury will remain in your sign until day 13: take advantage of this first part of the month to carry out all your projects, propose yourself for some interesting position or role, solve any problem that has arisen at work. From 13 onwards you may encounter more difficulties on your path. Also in love, especially the first part of the month is favored: Venus will smile at your sign until day 19, after which even the most tested couples could fall victim to some quarrel or more tension ... Luckily you will have Mars to support you: this planet holds the your sign and gives you grit and energy, especially from day 16 onwards. Discover the best adjectives to describe yourself:

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Taurus: Mercury is coming!

Dear Taurus, there is still a good recovery period for you compared to the winter months, which have been quite inclement with your sign. It will be above all the conjunction of Mercury, starting from day 13, to give you great satisfaction. In the workplace, some tempting opportunities may arise or a situation that you have long considered to be no way out may arise ... everything is possible with this beautiful favorable sky! Love will also smile at you: your relationship, whether old or more recent, will have a big surge starting from day 13. More than passionate encounters are expected! The second part of the month will be marked by a little more fatigue.

Gemini: Venus in conjunction!

Dear Gemini, the month of May couldn't have started better for your sign! You have Venus in conjunction and love smiles at you. You are someone who loves making conquests and in this period you will certainly not miss the suitors ... it is up to you to decide whether to engage in something more serious or have fun in the single condition in which you are so at ease! Until day 13, the meetings will be favored and you can make fire and flames… At work, the best part of the month will be the first: news and unexpected opportunities will arrive, and with them a great opportunity to be seized! Mars, starting from day 13, gives you a lot of super-energy for a really gritty month!

Cancer: wait for the second half of May!

Dear Cancer, if the month of May does not start in the best way for your sign, do not lose faith: in its second part it will give you a super comeback and everything will finally go the right way! Unfortunately, until day 13 you will have to deal with a little more tiredness and bad mood given by the opposition of Mars and Saturn, which make your sky rather heavy to bear ... the second part of the month, however, brings you new power. Starting from the 13th Mercury will become favorable to your sign and you will see many situations unfolding that have not been proceeding for some time. From the 19th, then, get ready: Venus is coming in conjunction! The end of May will be all about love and passion.

Leo: Mars in opposition ...

Dear Leone, let's face it: you are one who really likes to drive men crazy! Well, with Venus in favor until day 19, you will be able to break hearts ... the planet of love makes you more fascinating and seductive than ever! Couples who have been together for a long time will experience a good moment of growth and may even think about living together ... At work, if you intend to undertake something new, better act before day 13, when Mercury is still on your side. After that date, some unforeseen events could occur ... Unfortunately, in the second part of the month some fatigue and some physical ailments are expected, due to the opposition of Mars.

Virgo: the serene is back!

Dear Virgin, love in the last period is giving you a hard time: unfortunately, even the month of May does not start in the best way from this point of view. Until the 19th the disfavor of Venus makes communication with the partner difficult. Try to avoid quarrels as much as possible: the second part of the month will favor reconciliation and the calm will return.At work, expect some good news starting from day 13: a favorable period for changes and new encounters will begin, which could give rise to some opportunities and opportunities that you do not yet expect ... Great physical strength and energy thanks to Mars, favorable until the day 13.

Libra: a sigh of relief!

Dear Libra, the planet Mercury has been in opposition to your sign for several weeks now. You are experiencing a period of blockage, especially in the workplace, in which things seem not to proceed as they should. Finally this situation is about to end: the opposition will end on the 13th and you will return much more serene, you will be able to breathe a good sigh of relief! Venus favors your love life by protecting your sign until day 19: after that date you may experience some more tension with your partner, especially if you have already had some trust problems in the past ... Great recovery also from a physical point of view starting from day 13.

Scorpio: Mercury opposite ...

Dear Scorpio, unfortunately in this month of May, starting from day 13, the planet Mercury will enter in opposition to your sign: this means that the second part of the month will be a bit tougher as regards work and your interpersonal relationships. . You may have problems communicating with those around you, whether it's work or family matters. Furthermore, unfavorable Mars will make you feel rather tired and down in tone. So try to focus on the first part of May to put forward some new proposals or settle outstanding issues. Love, on the contrary, will be favored starting from day 19, when Venus will smile at your sign.

Sagittarius: heart problems ...

Dear Sagittarius, the month of May unfortunately opens for your sign with the opposition of Venus. The planet of love will hinder your romantic relationship, but only until day 19. Grit your teeth until that date and avoid direct confrontation with your partner as much as possible! At the end of the month you will be able to find serenity and a more fruitful dialogue. At work, on the contrary, it will be above all the first part of May to favor you: take the opportunity to step forward and do not worry if the results are not immediate ... you are sowing for your future! Finally, from day 13, the planet Mars will also become favorable to your sign: you will feel much more fit and full of energy.

Capricorn: Venus opposite ...

Dear Capricorn, your love life in the last period has been quite peaceful. If there is something that you have not yet clarified with your partner, do it by day 19: starting from that date, unfortunately, Venus will come into opposition to your sign and communication with your partner will become difficult, to the point of making you doubt that may be the right person for you ... At work, on the contrary, it will be above all the second part of the month to give you great satisfaction. Mercury, starting from day 13, will no longer be unfavorable to your sign and after months of blocking you will be able to take home a beautiful victory. Mars remains in conjunction until day 16: you will not lack grit and energy!

Aquarius: you will assert yourself!

Dear Aquarius, the month of May is off to a great start for your sign! Both Venus and Mercury are favorable and, especially on the sentimental side, you will be able to enjoy great serenity throughout the month, managing to keep doubts and that tendency towards isolation that characterized the last period at bay. At work, on the other hand, luck is guaranteed until day 13: after that date, a block may arise or some unexpected obstacle may arise in your path ... don't worry though: from day 16 the planet Mars will enter your sign and will guarantee you physical strength , energy and a great desire to assert yourself. You will be the winner!

Pisces: lots of news!

Dear Pisces, the month of May opens - unfortunately - with Venus in an unfavorable position for your sign. You will have noticed that in the last period things in love seem to no longer work as before ... do not get anxious and do not dramatize too much: from day 19 the situation will change decisively and you will be able to find the lost serenity, whether it is to resolve problems with your partner or to find a new and more suitable one for you! Furthermore, from day 13, Mercury will also favor your sign and lucky encounters will be on the agenda, whether we are talking about friendships, loves or even professional relationships ... in the last part of the month, expect some really surprising news!

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