5 unforgettable 90s dance pieces that have marked us

Did you say 90s? TV movies from the 90s, objects from the 90s, fashion from the 90s? Well, you also said dance music, and there are at least 5 pieces that have gone down in the history of all of us and that have been a source of sweat, stolen kisses, sleepless nights and that today still make us start the step ... because the 90s have the same effect on us:

1. Scatman - Scatman John

Heart of those years: 1994, the singer's first international success. Now a very famous hit, at the time he wanted to send a positive message, encouraging them to overcome their difficulties also through dance music, since it eased the stuttering problem of the jazz singer which made it a worldwide success! Used as the soundtrack in "95 for the film" Savages ", another irreducible nostalgic memory of those years. Ready to dance?

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2. L’amour toujours - Gigi D’Agostino

Gigi d "Ag is the prince of the Italian dance of the 90s. This piece, which features covers baked to date, was one of the most romantic and danced dance pieces ever. Even if it comes after two other catchphrases, such as "Bla Bla Bla" and "Another way", it remains among our favorites precisely for that romantic-French touch that distinguishes it and that made us dream even off the slopes.

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3. Blue - Eiffel 65

What to say? Perhaps suffice it to say that he climbed to the top of the world rankings, reaching the top position in 17 countries. Made in Italy smash year 1999, extracted from the Eiffel 65 debut album, also included in "Fantozzi 2000 - la clonazione", talks about the all-blue life of a blue one. The "incredible success" placed him 14th among the 20 more annoying songs according to Rolling Stone.

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4. The rhythm of the night - Corona

If you don't remember it, you are not even considered a native of the 2000s! You are out of history. Here too, made in Italy, 1993 with a very famous video clip, shot in Viareggio. Cover and remix without an end and obviously impossible to resist the rhythm of the night!

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5. Rhythm is a dancer - Snap!

Festivalbar 1992 and soundtrack of the film "Years" 90 ". The piece was the best-selling single in Italy in" 92. Could it be for this reason that we all remember him and that we all agree, when the piece starts at the revival evenings, that standing still is impossible?

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Nostalgic for the 90s? Then looking at this album you will go crazy!

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