Spice up your kitchen with wallpaper

We often think of wallpaper for living room or bedroom furniture, but it's also a great way to quickly change the look of the kitchen. modern patterns and geometric shapes, colorful retro patterns or motifs with fruit and plants, will gracefully transform a monotonous and monochromatic kitchen. This type of decoration also helps keep the kitchen clean. The kitchen wallpaper, in addition to its decorative function, has become a practical part of the equipment of this room, especially to preserve it from the stains on the walls which are a rather high risk while cooking!

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Kitchen wallpaper: goodbye to stains

The kitchen is the place where the best recipes and new culinary experiences are born. If you want to get a spectacular effect, sometimes you have to mess around a bit. "Unfortunately oil stains, gravies or chocolate cream will splash more than once on the walls. If you want to simplify your life and save precious time, look for a perfect solution with a paper. Washable kitchen wallpaper. Thanks to this option, stains will no longer be a problem. Just wipe the surface with a damp cloth while cleaning the kitchen and that's it! With the multitude of patterns available, your only concern will be that to make the right choice.

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Transform a small room into a spacious kitchen

The three-dimensional wallpaper is a beautiful trick widely used today for interior decoration. With the latter and without too much work, it is possible to visually enlarge a room of a few square meters. Modern 3D is perfect with minimalist decor. Abstract patterns with a trompe l "oeil effect will bring depth to your kitchen and change its proportions. Levitating solids or compositions of wide and thin lines will play this role perfectly.

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Traditional cuisine in a modern style

The design trend of the year requires playing with styles and mixing interior design trends. This type of less conventional approach allows for the creation of an original and exceptional decoration. If you want to enjoy this kind of decorative experience, combine traditional motifs with a minimalist design. Give a wink to the past with a kitchen wallpaper featuring colorful horizontal stripes, wildflowers, peacock eyes or a "majolica imitation on the tiles. While these types of designs are suitable for traditional kitchen décor, they will be further enhanced with interior design in a modern style.

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Taste with your eyes

For those who pay special attention to their lifestyle and diet and who love colorful interiors, a modern kitchen wallpaper with juicy citrus, exotic pineapples will be a beautiful decoration. The sight of these fruits will remind you that it is better to choose foods rich in vitamins and opt for a healthier snack. These upbeat, upbeat patterns will put you in a good mood in no time. For minimalist interiors, you can select a wallpaper with a variety of fruits arranged according to their colors. If you're looking for a lighter, more understated decor, choose a modern kitchen backdrop with lime on a neutral background.

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