How to dress on a first date: here are the 6 top rules to avoid making mistakes!

All girls sooner or later find themselves faced with this existential dilemma: how to dress on a first date? We have decided to help you in this delicate choice with 6 golden rules to follow to feel beautiful and confident. So you will have all the time to dedicate yourself to more important questions, such as: what do I talk to him about during dinner? no at the end of the evening?

1. How to dress on the first date to feel comfortable? Wear your favorite clothes!

We all have garments in the closet that make us feel beautiful, sexy, elegant and perfect on any occasion. What better time to show them off than on a first date? Choose garments that enhance the parts of your body you like best or that, conversely, "correct" details that do not make you feel comfortable: do you have long, slender legs? A pair of dark wash skinny jeans will certainly make them stand out. Do you want to hide a few extra pounds around your waist? Opt for elegant clothes with a straight cut and a high waist.
Whether you choose a pair of jeans and a crop top, a skirt or a dress, always remember that the right accessories will make you look even more sophisticated and on point!
Be careful though, as there are some things to avoid:

  • do not wear high heels, unless you are used to walking in them; in this way you will avoid the "embarrassing" tyrannosaurus "effect. Green light to ankle boots and wide and comfortable heels, which slender the figure and earn points in femininity and elegance!
  • Don't wear new clothes. Did you just buy a fantastic new little black dress two sizes down just because it was 70% off? Certainly there is no need to risk asphyxiation on the first date, or getting burned in less strategic points ...
  • Don't wear clothes that can embarrass you after your wannabe prince charming has you seated at the table. Mini-dresses, crotch skirts and low-waisted pants are categorically forbidden to limit the risk of leaving very little to the imagination after sitting down.

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2. There is a difference between a first date in the evening and one in the afternoon: beware of the context!

There is nothing more inappropriate than a pair of ripped jeans in a luxury restaurant, or a little black dress during a picnic. Always try to find the dress code that best suits the location of the appointment, so as to decide advance what to wear to be perfectly suited to the occasion.
But what to do if the aspiring prince charming is a lover of surprises and intends to amaze you by revealing the place of the appointment only once you arrive? Don't panic, we have a solution to this problem too: choose basic items, such as black trousers and a colorful blouse, which adapt to any place! Pro tip: put a particular jewel in your bag such as a pair of dangling earrings or a long necklace, to show off in case the location should be more elegant than expected.

3. When dressing up for a first date with a guy, your best ally is the I don't see

During the appointment your goal will be to appear sophisticated, intelligent, easy-going, funny, but you know that the threshold of a man's attention in front of a décolleté falters ... So what is the best way to enhance the your femininity without flaunting it and risking that while you speak her gaze is not focused on your eyes? Simple: I see I do not see. Lace, tulle, organza and chiffon will be your best friends! Wear elegant or casual clothes with inserts of these fabrics, which will allow you to show but not too much.

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4. How to wear makeup on the first date? Go for a light make-up!

Have you chosen clothes, accessories and shoes but you don't know how to wear makeup? Opt for a light make-up, which highlights the strong points of your face: if you want to focus on your eyes, choose a natural eyeshadow, an illuminating point on the inner corner to open the eyes and a mascara that volumizes the lashes (and don't forget to take care of the eyebrows to complete the look!). If instead you want to focus attention on the lips, be careful to choose a no-transfer tint, to avoid the horrible Joker effect while you eat. Finally, apply a veil of blush on the cheeks , which will immediately make your make-up elegant and cared for!
Another simple trick to be perfect is to take care of your hands: no one would want to have a second date with a person with damaged hands and chipped nail polish!

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5. What about the hairstyle? How to do your hair for a first date

Even the hair wants its part in such an important occasion as a first date. Our advice is to leave it as natural as possible, avoiding experiments that could ruin your preparation in an irreparable way just before your boyfriend gets to take you down. home.
Try to always take care of the tips and volume of your hair, creating a "hairstyle that makes your face stand out by framing it without weighing it down; moreover, if the appointment involves a lunch or dinner, try to avoid having locks in front of the face that may bother you while you eat.
And remember: guys go crazy for the scent of shampoo in their hair!

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6. Feel beautiful!

Never forget the main rule: if you feel beautiful, people around you will see you beautiful; to please yourself is the first step to please others too! Furthermore, the importance of feeling at ease in an occasion as full of tension and expectations as the first date is undeniable. If before you go out you look in the mirror and think "Tonight I'm really cool!" you have definitely chosen the perfect outfit!

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