How well do you know Mary Poppins? Movies, books and special content

If you are a true Mary Poppins fan, you will never get enough.
If you've been happy with the long-awaited sequel too, here are a few more tips to complete your collection.
From original books, to the story of the author, to the inspirations of other writers, in short, if you like the most famous nanny in the world, you will also like these special contents!

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The original

The true story, from which the famous film of "54 was born with the wonderful Julie Andrews, who thanks to her splendid interpretation even won an Oscar!
The nanny Mary Poppins is blown in Viale dei Ciliegi 17, in London, by the east wind to help the Banks family, a wealthy family with an authoritarian father, a distracted mother and two children, Jane and Michael, rather lively and disobedient, to come back together.
Among magical journeys in a magical world made of talking animals, lessons to learn.

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The sequel

Recently, Mary Poppins returned to the cinema in "Mary Poppins-The Return", this time played by the beautiful Emily Blunt, who returns to London in the years of the Great Depression, to once again help Jane and Micheal Banks, the two brothers, no longer small, struggling with their respective children and the problems of adulthood.
Will he be able once again to the sound of adventures in a colorful world populated by singing and eccentric animals, to bring peace back to the Banks house?
Here's the book that inspired the sequel:

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The gem

A real pearl: the story of Mary Poppins entirely illustrated by Hélène Druvert, French illustrator who created this jewel-book, carving the illustrations with a cardboard and a laser.
Delicate like embroidery. A true work of art to give and keep!

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How it really went

The beautiful story of the meeting between Pamela T. Travers and Walt Disney, played by Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks. How the story of Mary Poppins was born, how Disney tried to convince her to make a film inspired by the book, how they were born the beautiful songs and many other little secrets.

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If you feel a little nanny

A nanny, a little Mary Poppins, lodges inside every woman, in the feminine ability to understand, support, welcome. When this side of you, however, tends to prevail, there is a risk that you will set yourself aside for others and not come out victorious.
Thus, Dr. Luisa Barbieri has collected the testimony in which several women narrate their battle for emancipation, the rebellion against violence and homologation, up to the victory over prejudice.


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