Weekly horoscope from 21 to 27 January 2019: Capricorn in comeback!

Aries: complicated communications ...

Dear Aries, love in this moment of your life is a certainty. You have a person next to you you know you can count on, especially in difficulties, which unfortunately will not be lacking this week ... At work or in your friendships, you risk triggering conflicts, especially possible on the opposite moon days, those of Friday and Saturday . Communicating will be difficult. On the other hand, the days of Monday and Tuesday are lucky.

Taurus: love and new encounters ...

Dear Taurus, with Venus no longer in opposition, your love life seems to find the tranquility it lacked. If the crisis of the last period has brought you to the breakup and you are now single, the meetings will be favored. You may know the right person, but the relationship will start quietly. Beware of Sunday, when the moon in opposition could create some more obstacles. Bet everything on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

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Gemini: desire to escape ...

Dear Gemelli, freedom is sacred to you: even if you live a relationship as a couple, you need to always feel free and unconstrained and only then are you able to accept life as a couple. Unfortunately Venus in opposition will put you in front of everything that doesn't work in your story right now and you will feel a certain desire to escape ... do not act impulsively! Find out now what are the best adjectives to describe your sign:

Cancer: Ready to Fight?

Dear Cancer, it is difficult to carry out your projects when it seems that everyone is trying to hinder you! Mercury in opposition will make it difficult to build trusting relationships and profitable partnerships, at least in the short term. Don't stop believing in your goals though: this will be a year of struggle, but the rewards will come in the end! The best days of the week will be Wednesday and Thursday.

Leo: super lucky days!

Dear Leone, your week begins with two super-lucky days: Monday and Tuesday, in fact, you can count on the conjunction of the moon, ready to give you some nice surprises! Love will be the real star of your days. Favorable Venus will ensure you domestic serenity, but also a lot, a lot of passion. For singles it will be a lucky time, in which new relationships could be born that are destined to last.

Virgo: Venus unfavorable ...

Dear Virgo, this week too - unfortunately - you will have to deal with the disfavor of Venus. The planet of love will create a bit of a wave in your life as a couple, and you will have to be careful to defuse every principle of discussion as soon as possible. Fortunately, you will be able to count on the support of Mercury and the moon which, especially on the lucky days of Wednesday and Thursday, will bring you some good news.

Libra: be patient!

Dear Libra, don't be too angry if things don't go your way at work. Unfortunately, the disfavor of Mercury does not help you get all the satisfactions you deserve, but the commitment you are putting into it will not be forgotten: you will have to be patient! In the meantime, enjoy the favorable aspect of Venus, ready to give you a lot of luck in love. The most exciting days will be those of Friday and Saturday.

Scorpio: the moon takes care of it!

Dear Scorpio, Mercury continues to give you great satisfaction, especially in the workplace. Many of you have experienced a major change in the past few months and are now finally reaping the rewards. The luckiest days for business will be Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon will take care of it to support you. For feelings, however, focus everything on the moon in conjunction on Sunday: it will be a day to remember!

Sagittarius: long live love!

Dear Sagittarius, with Venus in your sign it is impossible to resist! If you are still single, it is certainly your choice.Those who are in a couple, on the other hand, will experience moments of great passion and fun with their partner, especially on Friday and Saturday. Good news could arrive at work on Monday and Tuesday, while between Wednesday and Thursday the moon in an unfavorable position could create a bit of nervousness.

Capricorn: the satisfactions arrive!

Dear Capricorn, it's time to take your revenge! With this splendid Mercury in conjunction, you will certainly not miss opportunities, especially in the workplace. If in the last period you have had to struggle to get the awards you deserve, now it will be easier to assert yourself. The best days of the week will be Wednesday and Thursday. A little tired, however, between Friday and Saturday.

Aquarius: opposite moon ...

Dear Aquarius, your week opens with two rather heavy days: Monday and Tuesday the moon in opposition risks creating some setbacks and a lot more nervousness. Nothing that you cannot overcome already starting on Wednesday. Love will be favored throughout the week: Venus gives you great complicity with your partner and, at the weekend, moments of true romance.

Pisces: heart problems ...

Dear Pisces, in this period you are trying your best to be able to fix things, but your love life is still getting out of hand. Pay particular attention to the days of Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon in opposition risks throwing you down a lot… Fortunately, Mercury guarantees you excellent results at work and the possibility of having interesting encounters that could soon give you new opportunities.

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