All Marie Kondo's books: put your life in order starting from your home!

Since landing on Netflix, Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo has won everyone's hearts.
Tidying up the house, he says, means taking back control of your life. Like?
In the documentary about her, Marie enters the homes of Americans, submerged by objects accumulated in years of uncontrolled shopping, bringing disorder and above all bad mood.

According to Marie Kondo, in fact, it is necessary to eliminate everything that does not give us a spark of joy, thus eliminating all those clothes and objects that do not cause us positive emotions.

These and the other rules to follow to achieve happiness by making order inside and out, are all written in the revolutionary books of Marie Kondo.
Are you ready to tidy up your home and your heart? Then take a look at our selection of Marie Kondo's books!

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1. The magical power of tidying up


The best-selling book of the time when Marie Kondo has developed a method that guarantees the "order and" organization of domestic spaces thanks to the Zen philosophy. Physical reorganization is a ritual that brings many spiritual advantages: it increases self-confidence, it frees the mind, relieves from attachment to the past, enhances precious things, induces to make fewer useless purchases.

Buy on Amazon for € 13.39

2. The magical power of tidying up - Audiobook


If you don't have much time to read, but you are too curious to know what the book of the moment says, here is a valid alternative to optimize a lot of time: the "The Magic Power of Tidying" audiobook to listen to while driving between a commitment and the other or while you are in the gym.
The book is recorded in mp3 format and you can play it both on your car stereo and on your PC.

Buy on Amazon for € 14.20

3. 96 lessons of happiness


In this new best seller, Marie Kondo, has rearranged in a volume the principles, categories and advice to put order in our homes and our lives: 96 practical lessons accompanied by illustrations, to convince even the most disordered to apply the Konmari method . Anyone who has already read and tried to put the first book into practice will look forward to reading the second in which Marie shows the bright side of things.

Buy on Amazon for € 12.66

4. The magical power of tidying up - Illustrated love story


A comic about Chiaki's story: a girl of almost thirty, pretty but very messy. Her life is also a disaster and she can't find love. When her new attractive neighbor bursts into her life, Chiaki is ashamed of all the mess in her house and decides to ask Marie Kondo for help. Little by little, drawer by drawer, she will put order in her home and in her life and when everything has found its place, even love will have its happy ending.

Buy on Amazon for € 13.50

5. Marie Kondo Box


If you are looking for the right gift for a "messy friend", here is the solution!
The box contains the two volumes: "The magical power of tidying up. The Japanese method that transforms your spaces and your life" and "96 lessons of happiness", for those who want to know everything about the KonMari method and put their life in order. , starting from the order in the house.

Buy on Amazon for € 21.16 <

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