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The problem of stretch marks has haunted me since I was a little girl. With the development, in fact, I have filled myself with stretch marks on the breast, since I grew up suddenly, very quickly, leaving me some stripes that I still wear on my skin.

It's been almost 25 years, but I remember it as if it were now: sore breasts, a great itch, at first red stripes which over time have turned white. Now that I'm 37, my breasts have real grooves, accomplice breastfeeding and weight changes. But I have to do a mea culpa: I started taking care of my breasts too late. After all, my mother had not warned me of this possibility (perhaps because at 12 years of age for our mothers we are still little girls! And in fact they are not completely wrong…). But already at this age it is useful to start taking care of your body, because in this phase the changes are numerous and continuous.

If for example I had acted when the stretch marks were still of that rosy-red color - if I had treated them properly with a cream - I could have made them go away. But it's never too late! Thanks to the use of a specific cream it is still possible to reduce its visibility by improving the appearance of the skin.

We often hear that there is little to be done for stretch marks; that if a person is predisposed, stretch marks will come anyway. Wrong. Instead it is true that there are people who are genetically more predisposed to stretch marks just like there are people who gain weight more easily. Usually those with a lot of stretch marks have less elastic skin or went through frequent and sudden changes in weight.

For stretch marks, something can and should be done. For this reason, when my daughter, who is only 3 years old today, approaches the age of development, it will be my pleasure to advise you some good products against stretch marks. I have a fourth breast and I have developed at 13, so I will suggest you start around 12, hoping you will listen to me.

Surely one of these phases is represented by pregnancy, another moment in which our body undergoes an extraordinary metamorphosis. When I got pregnant - at least that time - I didn't get caught unprepared! And if I can no longer do anything about stretch marks on my breasts (except possibly resorting to cosmetic surgery), to avoid the appearance of stretch marks on the stomach and thighs during the nine months, I applied the anti-stretch mark cream almost every day. When the baby bump got too big, I asked my husband for help: a nice cuddle for both of us, since he too liked to caress my belly and feel the baby's movements at the same time.

There are many creams on the market. I personally chose a historical brand in the field of stretch marks: Rilastil, Laboratori Milano, a cream rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and rice bran oil. This cream manages to counteract the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers that are the basis of the onset of stretch marks.

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Never as when it comes to fighting stretch marks, consistency rewards. You cannot expect satisfactory results if you apply the cream every now and then. I have been constant and repeat: I didn't have a single stretch mark during my pregnancy.

Rilastil Smagliature has a creamy, fluid and not greasy texture. The fragrance is delicate and pleasant, without allergens, and most important of all it does not leave those annoying dots between the fingers when you spread too much cream and it cannot be absorbed properly.

The cream should be applied to the hips, thighs, breasts and belly. If you are pregnant, insist especially on the belly and breasts. If you are looking for the stork, start preparing the skin immediately. Don't wait for the belly to grow if you want to be sure of the result!

Also you can use THE VIALS on stretch marks in their first inflammatory phase, when they are still red which can be considerably attenuated if taken in time, if not “stopped” and therefore canceled forever. On the other hand, there is little to do if you have stretch marks like the ones I have on my breasts: real long-standing furrows (I have also had several weight changes in the past that did not help me!).

If you are breastfeeding, also apply the anti-stretch mark cream on your breasts without contraindicationsi, taking care, however, to "clean" the nipple and the surrounding areola where the baby will attach itself.

Rilastil Stretch Marks is one cream free of parabens and wheat derivativeswith a physiological PH. I applied it once a day, in the evening because it is the time when I am most relaxed; a nut on the palms, circular movements and a gentle 5-minute massage. The time it takes for the cream to penetrate the tissues. Now we are looking for a little brother or sister for our little one and I have already started taking care of my body: for now I just apply the cream on the belly once every 2-3 days ... I can't wait to have to do it all the days!

Ilaria Cuzzolin

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