Solid shampoo: the new eco-friendly trend

Solid shampoo is the cosmetic to adopt if we want to reduce waste to zero waste! It is used like a traditional soap for the body, but it is rubbed directly on the scalp and according to those who have been using it for some time, it is very effective!

Today we all try to reduce waste, avoid the production of plastic and use organic and eco-friendly cosmetics, because the health of the environment is important to us all.
For this, we have found the best solid shampoos for different hair types for you.

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Bomb Cosmetics The Wow Factor

This bar of soap really has a "Wow Factor". A mix of essential oils and conditioners, designed to make your hair soft and silky.
An irresistible scent of chamomile and a woody base of lavender.
Just rub it on your hands until it creates a layer sufficient to apply to your hair and wash it normally.

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Ocyclone solid shampoo in 3 different fragrances

Ginger solid shampoo helps strengthen the hair root and allows for healthy growth.
The essence of seaweed penetrates deeply into the scalp, repairs the damaged part and removes dandruff.
Chamomile with mint is particularly effective in balancing sebum secretion, keeping hair clean and soft. Perfect for the whole family!

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Lamazuna solid shampoo

The Lamazuna chocolate solid shampoo is available in a "limited edition and is really greedy! Enriched with organic cocoa from the Dominican Republic's fair trade ... In addition to its greedy and fragrant fragrance, cocoa makes its foam even more creamy! For the sweet tooth!

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Solid shampoo for dark hair

Perfect for dark hair, to revive its intensity and reflections.
Entirely handmade, a bar of soap is about 120g. It is 100% natural, made from walnut shell oil with no artificial colors and fragrances
Free of silicones and parabens, vegan and not tested on animals.


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