7 surreal things women only do in movies

Films, in most cases, illustrate rather common situations in an absolutely extraordinary way. Often it is the figure of the woman who has to deal with a fiction that is very far from reality and who always wants them to be perfect, sensual and without ever showing signs of abating.
After all, even Google sometimes seems confused when it comes to talking about us ...

  1. · 1. Never wear a jacket
  2. · 2. Remove the glasses
  3. · 3. Running in heels
  4. · 4. Being wonderful in the morning
  5. · 5. Eating little and in an incredibly sexy way
  6. · 6. Always and only talk about men
  7. · 7. The soundtrack

What are the cinematic situations that differ most from reality?

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1. Never bring a jacket

It's cold? He lends me the jacket.
Mandatory. Mathematical. And then, let's face it, it's written on the script.
There are some of us who love the thrill of discovery and who leave home without having looked at the weather, however, it is also true that many others do not like to be caught off guard by wind, cold, rain, hail and hurricanes. ..

2. Remove the glasses

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I speak to the presbyopic, myopic and also to the slightly astigmatic girls, to those who as a child thought they had superpowers because squinting they saw clearer, they talked about it with their parents and then found themselves observing the world with a beautiful plastic frame: taking off your glasses is (almost) never a prelude to an "unspeakable series of wonderful adventures that end in conquering the person of your dreams.
More likely, if you take off your glasses you don't see the flaws and, in doing so, the love will last much, much longer.

3. Running in heels

This varies a lot from woman to woman but I am almost certain that after 10km of running on heels because you are in a tremendous delay for a job interview, you risk losing your appointment with the man of your dreams or you have to bring in time. the wedding dress at the wedding of one's best friend we would not all be fresh as roses.
Or rather, not all of us would survive with heels on.

4. Be wonderful in the morning

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In this episode of Gossip Girl, Serena and Nate wake up in the morning and find out what it means to own a refrigerator. That's why they are filled with whipped cream lying on the floor while she's on his shirt, she's perfectly made up from the night before and her hair is blown.
Now, we do not deny that if all this were true it would be a dream, but it is definitely a long, long way from reality as we, as soon as we wake up, have dark circles, sticky eyes and the mark of the pillow on the cheek.

5. Eat inexpensively and in an incredibly sexy way

Two strawberries on the fly and then in a hurry to roll between the silk sheets or, take a pizza, eat two slices and let our partner feast without fear from our plate: these things, of course, only happen in movies.

6. Always and only talk about men

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It happens, there are obviously times when the priority is to catch up on one's relationships, on the Tinder dramas or on the third floor neighbor who is really too beautiful to be single but, on the other hand, we also happen to talk about something else.
Men can be an interest, but of course they're not everything!

7. The soundtrack

When you don't know whether to kiss him, leave him, whether to run or stay still, the soundtrack tells you exactly what to do: it tells you if he cheats on you, if he loves you, if you will be able to avert the disaster or if it is better to avoid doing other damage. .
In real life the soundtrack is not there, but it is clear that, if there were, we would have much less fun than we already do!

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