Nap saver: 5 silent and powerful vacuum cleaners

If you are a clean freak, but not to the point of risking spending an afternoon with a child who is super awake and full of energy due to the noise, this article is definitely for you. A powerful vacuum cleaner can often be a problem if your priority is the peace of your baby or even your four-legged friends.

So what should we do? Give up on having a nice clean house? Never!

If you are a new mum and your little quiet moments while your baby sleeps are dear to you, you should consider these silent vacuum cleaners for home cleaning.

1. Bosch silent vacuum cleaner

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This Bosch model is the top for those looking for maximum power with minimum noise (66 decibels). The dust tank is large: it contains 3 liters of dirt and the filter is not only easy to clean as it keeps all the dust inside, thus avoiding an unwanted dispersion of small dust particles. Perfect for those with an allergic child.

On offer on Amazon at € 254.43 (33% discount)

2. Rowenta air force extreme silence


This cordless electric broom from the Rowenta brand combines cyclonic technology with Advanced Silent System technology that ensures a sound level of only 77 dB. In addition, it has an "incredible battery life: the brand guarantees about 55 minutes of battery life!"

Buy on Amazon for € 174.59

3. Vacuum cleaner H.Koenig


If you're looking for a cheaper option, the H.Koenig vacuum cleaner is a super bargain! It's big enough (2.5L container) and well equipped, it even has a dedicated hair brush. Amazon reviews confirm: it's quiet and very powerful.

On offer on Amazon at € 79.99 (65% discount)

4. PUPPYOO silent and space-saving electric broom


If you don't want to struggle, this PUPPYOO electric broom is the ideal model. Made almost entirely of aluminum and very flexible, it passes easily under low furniture and reaches even the most difficult corners. It is very quiet (65dB) and powerful. The cons? Tank maybe a bit small.

Buy on Amazon for € 69

5. Electrolux silent performer


The Electrolux trailed vacuum cleaner guarantees high performance: it has turbocyclonic technology and the noise does not exceed 72 dB.

On offer on Amazon at € 102.49 (32% discount) <

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