Curvy fashion: 5 myths to dispel and how to wear everything you want!

The world of women is a colorful, varied and beautiful world and it is our diversity that makes us unique and fascinating.
Whether it's after the holidays or before the costume rehearsal, we're always surrounded by starvation diets and new shakes of dubious origin that promise to lose weight effortlessly. Losing weight is still a top priority for most women.
What is really important for everyone, men, women and children, is to live healthily, eat well and exercise.

But if you are in perfect health, despite having a soft and buttery body, why should you lose weight at all costs?
And why should you follow unwritten rules about curvy women's dress code?

Even haute couture, the most severe judge in terms of size, has for several years stopped putting limits on softer women.
There are countless plus size (or plus size) models who have climbed the Olympus of the fashion world, parading for the most famous luxury brands and posing for the covers of the most famous fashion magazines on the planet.
Here are some examples:

Among all the "rules" about curvy fashion, we have chosen 5 myths to dispel to show you that with a little more self-esteem, you can wear everything you want and like, without letting someone else dictate how to dress.

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1. You can't wear stripes: they widen!

How many times have you heard this phrase? Yet stripes are one of the most popular patterns, especially in the summer with the navy style. Nothing is more chic than a striped t-shirt, a nice pair of jeans and a red lipstick, for a perfect Parisian it girl look.
To refute this cliché, the splendid Ashley Graham, a stellar supermodel, poses in a super sexy one-piece swimsuit, strictly striped!
We offer you a classic New Look three-quarter sleeve t-shirt to wear outside or inside high-waisted jeans, for a casual yet classy outfit!

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2. White gets fat!

Black fades and blah blah blah.
A white garment, like a shirt, a sweater, a coat, is always current, not to mention the legendary white t-shirt, indispensable for everyone, regardless of size! White has always been a symbol of refinement. A white blazer will be one of those pieces that you can't give up! Try it on dresses or on t-shirts and blouses, you'll love it, we bet?

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3. Covered legs and absolute ban on clothes!

According to this false fashion myth, if you have a few extra pounds, you should walk around covered from head to toe even in the height of summer. And why on earth, if it's full of colorful and cheerful clothes out there?
We offer you a real pinup model that will adapt to your shape, highlighting the waistline, the bust and will give you a perfect hourglass silhouette, thanks to the full skirt, in the style of the "50s. Discover the legs!

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4. No bikini for you!

The costume rehearsal is always an apocalyptic event and according to commonplaces, the softer women would be condemned to a life of whole costumes and to have a perpetually white belly.
But as you can see, there is nothing bad about a chubby woman wearing a bikini.
Do you know what's sexier than a perfectly flat stomach? The smile of a woman who feels comfortable!
We love this model, because it has a medium waist that will allow you to swim and stroll on the beach, molding itself perfectly to your generous hips and will be able to hold even the most prosperous breasts.

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5. Plus sizes hate sports

Do you still believe that fitness is synonymous with thinness? If you love physical activity, but despite your efforts, some areas of your body remain abundant, you have nothing to fear, indeed!
Choose a pair of gymnastic leggings that highlight your explosive curves. A firm butt is always sexy, no matter its size!


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