White noises: what they are and how they can be useful for babies and for sleeping

Have you ever heard of white noises? These very particular noises have the ability to make us relax and help sleep. Scientific studies show that they are perfect for even babies to sleep and cover those annoying whistles called tinnitus.

White noises are thus defined by analogy with white light: as the latter, in fact, is the sum of all the colors of the iris, so a white noise is the sum of all possible frequencies. It is a sound capable of eliminating acoustic disturbances, allowing the listener to calm the mind and body.

Let's discover all the secrets of these noises together: they will be very useful both to you and your baby. Meanwhile, if your child suffers from sleep disorders, here are some pediatric tips:

What are white noises?

White noises are particular sounds, characterized by the "absence of rhythm and a" constant amplitude over the entire frequency spectrum. In practice, they are noises similar to rustling or continuous murmurs, capable of masking every single external sound , enveloping the listener in a sort of acoustic wadding, very "comfortable" for the mind and comfortable, so as to induce a state of total relaxation.

According to some experts, these noises would have a calming effect on both babies and adults because they would bring us back to the sounds we heard when we were still in our mother's womb, immersed in amniotic fluid ... more relaxed than that!

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Why are they useful for sleeping?

As we have already seen, white noises are able to cover any other acoustic source, precisely because they occupy the entire frequency spectrum. This causes external noises - from city traffic to neighbors' music - to magically disappear, as if muffled by this " peaceful wave of sound, which covers everything else with its muffled blanket, just like a soft blanket of snow.

Falling asleep surrounded by white noises is much easier, as is finding concentration: our mind, in fact, tends to get distracted and wander when it hears sudden, irregular noises, with peaks and changes in frequency. A white noise, on the other hand, is characterized by a great regularity and the brain, after a while listening to it, forgets its presence, ignores it, thus being able to concentrate or relax as it otherwise would not have been able to do.

Using white noises if you have difficulty falling asleep, or suffer from insomnia in general, can be an excellent way to solve the problem, not invasive at all and suitable for those who prefer not to take medicines. Remember that, if your ailments are symptom of chronic fatigue, you can also help with nutrition:

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Phon, rain, waves: these are the best known

Some of the best known white noises, of which we all have experience, belong to nature: they are first of all noises related to water, such as the sound of waves, a stream or a river, the sound of rain. The rustle of the wind in the trees is also a white noise.

Of course, if you live in the city, the aforementioned noises can be difficult to experience. We will then have to settle for others that can be easily reproduced in our home: that of the hairdryer, for example, or the rustle of a vacuum cleaner, a fan or the sound of a washing machine. In short, all those constant noises that eliminate external disturbances.

And if you are looking for a shortcut, just open youtube: it is full of videos that reproduce white noises. There are also special apps that you will find without difficulty.

Are they suitable for newborns?

White noises appear to be particularly effective in making babies fall asleep. Renowned scientists maintain that these sounds recall those heard by the baby in the mother's belly: listening to them again, once they come into the world, would immediately bring them back to a family condition of great tranquility. According to others, however, the effect is due to the perfect synchronization of these sounds with the low frequency of the brain waves during the deepest sleep.

The fact is that a study conducted in 1990 on about forty children suffering from sleep disorders showed that as many as 80% of them, subjected to white noise, would have fallen asleep within five minutes. Not surprisingly, there are many applications, CDs, online compilations specially designed to lull babies with white noises.

But be careful: it is better not to abuse it! They can be used for a few minutes, but don't keep them running all night as it may interfere with their sleep quality. Furthermore, noises must not be transmitted at a volume greater than 20 decibels and the device that makes them must be placed at a certain distance from the baby, never in the cradle.

Even the right toys can come to our aid and act as a sweet melody to help our little ones fall into the arms of Morpheus. For example, the soft and cuddly carillon plushies, to hang on the cot or stroller, and able to play soft, enveloping and delicate music, which will enchant the baby and help him to calm down, allowing him to sleep. Not only beautiful, then, but also very useful: these soft toys will quickly become mom and dad's favorites too ...

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White Noise for Tinnitus Problems

Tinnitus is a hearing disorder that consists of a series of disturbing noises such as whistling and buzzing. The ear registers them as very annoying and can disturb the peaceful life of the sufferer.

White noises represent an "excellent symptomatic solution: they can in fact be used to soothe the discomfort of tinnitus, covering them thanks to special hearing aids. Studies have shown significant benefits in this case too: these devices that exploit white noises they are in fact able to make tinnitus perceived much less without compromising the patients' overall listening ability.

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