Going home after giving birth

Your baby has arrived, everything is fine (or almost) and here you are again at home.
You have prepared everything down to the smallest detail: decorating the diaper for a year and relatives and friends have started giving you dresses from zero months to 3 years, perhaps during a fun Baby Shower Party.
But in everyday life not everything works as it should, and it happens that many of you feel a little lonely and upset right after the birth of a baby, especially in the first hours and days.

What pace to adopt?

The best pace is that of your baby. Take advantage of moments of calm, for example when sleeping, to lie down for a while: you will better survive the numerous nocturnal awakenings and avoid being exhausted at the end of the day. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

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Instead of insisting on feeding your baby at fixed times, feed him when he is hungry, you will see that he will be able to regulate himself. If, on the other hand, you think that breastfeeding your baby at set times is absolutely necessary, try to be at least a little elastic. If you go over 15 minutes nothing will happen!

Do not overdo it

Don't chase every single speck of dust, your baby needs to come into contact with some microbes to build up their natural defenses. Your physical and mental health are much more important than cleaning and washing dishes, put your priorities in order: there is no need to iron your baby's rompers and if something is out of place at home, never mind!

In the early days, the watchwords were practicality and simplicity: don't be ashamed to do things sitting or lying down, if you can. According to journalist Catherine Sandner "A real law of minimum effort must be established". Taking care of a newborn is already a full-time job, there is no need to add other unnecessary tasks. Forget the stereotype of the perfect wife and mother (which you should put aside for the rest of your life too!) To focus on getting the most out of it with the least amount of effort.

Don't be alone

Once home, most new mothers suffer from loneliness, which is the number one cause of postpartum depression. Try in every way not to be alone with your baby all day and do not hesitate to delegate everyday tasks to those around you (partner, family, friends ...). It is useless to play Wonder-Woman, you cannot do everything yourself and it is not correct that it is only you to think about the daily chores! Also know that there are numerous associations and websites where new mothers can meet to exchange their thoughts on the ordeal they are facing.

Listen to your instincts

During your pregnancy you devoured dozens of books on newborns but nevertheless sometimes you don't know how to react? In these cases, forget everything you have read and listen to what your maternal instincts tell you.

Choose two or three people to share your fears and anxieties with, but don't try to listen to everyone's advice, they will only increase your doubts. Trust your abilities and be indulgent with yourself: perfect mothers don't exist, everyone happens to make some mistakes!

Not just your baby

The arrival of a child monopolizes attention and upsets all the habits of a family, but you don't have to neglect those around you!

To prevent your man from feeling neglected and having the impression that now only your child counts for you, try to reserve moments of intimacy alone with him (Read the advice of the psychologist after the birth of a child here).
Also think of your friends, who aren't there exclusively to help you! Don't just talk about your child but try to find other topics of conversation as well, especially if your friends haven't (yet) had children.

But above all, don't forget to carve out some time for yourself! Try to keep the habits you had "before": going to the hairdresser or buying a new dress are some of the small pleasures that allow you to remember that you are a woman, not just a mother.

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