How to perfume and purify your home with incense

Are you interested in purifying and spiritual rituals? In several religions, incenses are sacred and have the power to purify the environment, souls and religious sacred objects. Furthermore, they are always used in sacred prayers and rites, so we can say that they are a must-have for every woman to who likes to connect with the spiritual world and is interested in always deepening his self-knowledge!

Here is a video tutorial where incense plays a very important role:

Crystal therapy: how to purify stones and energize them

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There aren't many variations of shapes and almost all of them have the same functions, so it's up to you to choose the one you like best. Here is our selection:

Pack of 12 packages Satya natural incense

With the 12 packet of Satya natural incense packs, you will be able to purify your home all year round!

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Pack of 100 pieces of mixed incense

The package of 100 pieces of natural incense offers different aromas such as: jasmine, lavender, green tea, sandalwood. They are 100% natural and have a fragrance time of 10 minutes. It can be used for ceremonies, environmental purification and energizing rituals.

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Palo Santo original 100% natural incense

The Palo Santo, that is, holy wood in Italian comes from the shamanic culture typical of the Mayan and Incas civilizations. It was used in ceremonies and rituals for its ability to create communication with the spiritual world. It is now popularly known for its pleasant scent and purifying properties: it has a relaxing effect bringing peace and serenity to its environment, restores your inner energy balance and recharges you with positive energy.

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NKlaus silver incense diffuser


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