5 beautiful and practical umbrellas for autumn

Giant cover

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With a 135cm diameter coverage, 157cm perimeter and anti-wind technology, this umbrella is ideal for tall girls who have an active life and who like to walk a lot.

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Cage-shaped umbrella SMATI

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If you want to be absolutely protected from the rain, this bird cage umbrella is for you. With this umbrella, you can protect your entire upper body and its transparent material ensures that your visibility will not be limited.

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Baby Pig Umbrella

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You don't like to use the umbrella because it is difficult to handle and you don't like getting wet to go home? This model from the Baby Pig brand is right for you, because it folds so that the dry part of the umbrella becomes the outside.

On offer on Amazon at € 16.19 (62% discount)

Collar and Cuffs London Umbrella: Bring all the colors of the flashing bow with you

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Aside from the fact that this is a beautiful and bold umbrella, the materials of this model are extremely durable, being able to withstand gusts of wind in excess of 95km / h.

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Von Lilienfeld umbrella

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This umbrella is not only beautiful for its interesting shape but can be used for both rainy and sunny days: it has 95% UV protection!

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