How to slim your body with natural ingredients: here is the perfect gel remedy for you!

Laura, blogger on and passionate about beauty, tells us about her little battle against the costume fitting with a fundamental ally, Somatoline Cosmetic Natural Slimming Gel. Here is his personal opinion on how to make the most of all that summer offers us!

That time of year has come when you always feel a little unprepared to show your body. It will be the billboards with models in bathing suits, it will be the emphasis with which we know how to identify our little defects but we women know how to be ruthless, with others but above all with ourselves.
Feeling inadequate is a feeling I know well and every time I have to deal with the infamous swimsuit test my weaknesses show up.
When I learned that Somatoline Cosmetic created Natural Slimming Gel with 95% ingredients of natural origin, I couldn't resist and I wanted to try it.

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Cosmetic creams alone cannot work miracles and you need a plan of attack that also includes a healthy diet and adequate physical activity, but knowing that you have a product with as much as 95% of original natural ingredients as an ally is certainly comforting.

Nature comes to meet us helping us to best reshape our silhouette with ingredients with lipolytic and draining properties and Somatoline Cosmetic has been able to make the most of the benefits of caffeine, pink pepper and pomegranate on localized adiposity, those of ginger and peppermint to stimulate the microcirculation and the draining properties of aescin.

Without silicones, without parabens, without paraffins, Natural Slimming Gel by Somatoline Cosmetic has an effective draining and toning action scientifically demonstrated by an instrumental clinical test also conducted on women with sensitive skin.

Ideal for those who are attentive to what is applied to the skin, for those who cannot use synthetic perfumes, for those with sensitive skin, Natural Slimming Gel is a fresh gel that absorbs quickly, leaving a pleasant 100% natural scent on the skin thanks to the presence of essential oils of orange, geranium, lavender and patchouli.

The gel consistency is pleasant and fresh and does not leave the skin greasy or sticky, allowing it to coat quickly after application.
Personally, I spread it on my arms, thighs and abdomen once a day, usually after a shower because in addition to the Natural Redux-complex, which acts on localized adiposity, it also contains Argan oil that nourishes and gives elasticity to the skin.

Applying it every day for 4 weeks on the areas you want to slim down, you will get excellent results.
I invite you to take a look at the entire slimming line of Somatoline Cosmetic to find the product that best suits your needs and timing, and let the summer begin!

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