These two women are both pregnant and ... they are only 4 weeks apart!

Chontel Duncan, model and top star of FitMoms, wanted to take this photo with a friend. At the time, the model was about to enter the 21st week while her friend Nat in the 25th. Only four weeks of difference, yet. .. the two mothers are very different!

While Chontel's physique is super lean and the woman barely has a hint of a baby bump, Nat's is definitely more ... explosive!

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"We found that we are only 4 weeks away", writes Chontel under his Facebook photo. "Our kids will be the same age, they'll probably be in the same class and they'll be best friends. Every woman reacts differently to pregnancy and that doesn't necessarily mean she's doing something wrong. We are both perfectly healthy and ... great!'

This is Chontel's process during pregnancy:

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Now, Chontel has given birth and both she and the baby are fine: but are we sure that the passion for fitness has not turned into an obsession?

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