3 things he must never tell you when he sees you in a costume

The costume fitting can be a real stress for us all, but luckily we always have a real man to support us and give us the strength to accept us exactly as we are ... well! In another life! How many times does he know how to definitively destroy our self-esteem with a single sentence?

1. "But is it the same costume as last year?" It looks smaller ... "

When this sentence is pronounced, in addition to the smoke that should come out of our ears, we should respond with an aggressive sentence against many other things in his body that sometimes seem smaller ... and instead we apologize for a moment, we go to the bathroom, we look at ourselves for 15 minutes in convulsions, we breathe and consciously decide to ignore that stupid exit! The question is: how stupid is that?

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2. "How long have you not been to the gym?"

"Since I just left you for saying this horrible phrase!" Even if a man wants you to notice that you are out of shape, he could do it with tact and sensitivity and especially not when you are in costume, defenseless and already vulnerable enough. Sentence rejected instantly.

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3. "Oh, don't worry, I prefer you more in the flesh ..."

This mild attempt, in response to "So how am I?", To comfort you is worse than an ax blow to the abdomen. It looks like when the heel gets caught in the grates of a manhole and you pull it and that instead of slipping off, it breaks. It looks like when you just put on your last pair of 20 DEN and those come off while you are wearing them. In short, it looks like when you want to die but instead you have to react. But you, man, why did you do this to us? The solution is: to face the swimsuit test as a victorious moment to not wear a skirt and trousers and to enjoy the touch of your feet on the sand, without too many thoughts about what you are like outside, because inside you feel great!

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And anyway the belly wins, bye bye:

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