Born on August 23: here are the characteristics of the zodiac sign

People who were born on August 23 are hovering between the sign of leo and that of virgo, but what do these zodiac signs represent and how can they be influenced by the stars? Let's find out together how those born on August 23 behave in love, work and relationships. And if you want to know the perfect stress reliever to match each sign of the zodiac, watch the video below now!

Born on August 23: lion or virgin?

Those born on August 23 belong to the sign of virgo, whose astrological domain begins on this very day and then leaves room for the sign linked to the month of October, that is the libra. Unlike the virgins born during the month of September, those who were born in August still retain some "of that" energy typical of the sign of the lion and the summer months. The sun, in fact, continues to influence the sign, making those who belong to it particularly lively.

The characteristics of the virgin, however, are evident: precision, reliability and meticulousness are the masters, albeit to a lesser extent. This sign loves to organize everything down to the smallest detail and is considered the most perfect of the zodiac. Those born on August 23 never lose sight of their goals, they are ambitious and determined, moreover, just like the signs of air and water (fish, aquarius, scales, ...) they are creative and dreamer. The period of the year of reference for the virgin is the end of the summer, in fact it embodies the melancholy typical of those days, however, if the day of your birth is August 23 you could still feel within you the power of the sun with respect to the more typically autumnal characteristics of those born towards the end of the month.

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The zodiac sign of who was born on August 23 in love, work and health

How does the virgin relate to the relevant aspects of existence? Does her horoscope influence her or not? Everyone, reading these characteristics, can recognize themselves or not and choose whether to trust them.


Those born on August 23 are anomalous virgins because they are still very much influenced by the energy of the sun typical of the sign of the lion. They are sought after by friends, family and partners as concrete, practical and very generous people. Fidelity is their characteristic. main and, like the other earth signs (taurus, capricorn, ..) do not like head shots.

  • WORK:

In their work the virgins are precise and meticulous, in fact they adore the analytical and artisan professions. They are great savers and invest wisely. Those born on August 23 have many areas in which they can excel, but they should avoid overly monotonous careers.
They may be particularly suited to teaching, writing, publishing, engineering, chemistry, science, banking and property management. In general, whatever career they choose, they will most likely be perfectionists. and they will be successful.


Those born on August 23 are, like all virgins, very attentive to their physical appearance and health. They don't like excesses and love to exercise.

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Who gets along with who was born on August 23?

According to astrology, the day of birth (and according to some, even the various hours of the day) influences our personality: whether this is true or not, the various zodiac signs are linked to certain characteristics and have affinities (or not) with only some representatives of the zodiac. For example, those born on August 23 and who, therefore, belong to the sign of virgo, would agree with:

  • bull (April-May)
  • lion (July-August)
  • scorpio (October-November month)
  • aries (March-April)
  • capricorn (December-January month)

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With whom, on the other hand, among all the signs of the zodiac, is there really no affinity?

  • twins (May-June)
  • libra (September-October)
  • fish (February-March)
  • aquarium (January-February)
  • sagittarius (November-December)
  • cancer (June-July)

Virgo, in general, loves to surround herself with signs of fire and earth, but cannot bear the typical reveries of the signs of air and water.

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