The 7 most finned types of wedding dresses of 2018: bride-to-be take note!

Pinterest, the tool of inspiration par excellence, once again dictates the latest trends in wedding dresses! This year's preferences seem to indicate a real return to tradition: princely or mermaid dresses, bodices, full skirts and lace make it as a master! All that remains is to dream in front of the finest dresses of this 2018 hoping to finally find the right dress. If despite everything you are still undecided, take a look at the perfect wedding dress for your zodiac sign, you may be surprised by finding the one for you!

Princess wedding dresses: better if powder pink!

From Cinderella to the Little Mermaid, princesses have always inspired our wedding day. Finally, wedding dresses are back in fashion as we dreamed of them as children! Pinterest wants them classic, yes, but with a twist: enriched with floral applications and small lace details. White certainly remains the color in the lead, but powder pink also takes hold, for a guaranteed princess effect.

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© Pinterest princess wedding dress

Romantic wedding dresses - perfect for modern princesses

Confetti and fluffy skirts are not for everyone, but that doesn't mean you need to give up a fairytale dress!
Thanks to the soft and simple lines, the romantic wedding dress is more comfortable and wearable, and thanks to its bodices with precious details, it satisfies the desire of the dream dress.

© Julie Vino Spring 2018 Wedding Dresses "Venezia" Bridal Collection romantic wedding dress

Off the shoulder wedding dresses: when you need that extra touch

Ok the princesses and ok the romance, but what if we wanted something more? Pinterest comes up against us with the latest trend in wedding dresses: the model "off the shoulder", that is, with bare shoulders. Great for brides-to-be who want to be daring without resorting to plunging necklines!

© Pinterest off the shoulder wedding dress

Broken wedding dresses: a cheer for alternative brides!

Let's face it, no matter how beautiful some wedding dresses are really uncomfortable, and some of us dream of a wedding made of wild dances and runs through the meadows, while the photographer immortalizes us with our better half. With a slightly country style, but still chic, this dress model allows us total freedom in the movements and in the choice of different fabrics and brands to rely on. Nice job Pinterest !!

© Camila 2017 s / s Luxury broken wedding dress

Sexy wedding dresses to not go unnoticed

For those who want to look sexy, a bit of leather must be discovered! Sheer skirts, very deep V-necklines, side slits .. for the sensual-style bride-to-be there is plenty of choice. Let yourself be inspired by the most popular sexy wedding dresses on Pinterest.

© Berta Bridal 2017 sexy wedding dress

Vintage wedding dresses for Jane Austen lovers

The latest trend that is depopulating on Pinterest is that of vintage wedding dresses. You got it right, fashion takes fashion "Pride and Prejudice", with very elegant and very long rows of buttons and lace sleeves worked to create romantic patterns. If you are an avid reader of Jane Austen you cannot miss the opportunity to show off this trend!

© Georgia Woodland vintage wedding dress

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