5 tips to be trendy in 2019

by Ludovica Pagani

Hello friends, here I am in front of my pc, strictly pink, I try to make a local mind on all the shows seen during this Milan fashion week ... there would be many things to tell, too many ... I have always had with fashion a crazy love relationship, which in some moments led to the hatred of "I don't know what the hell to wear", "too many things, too many colors, too much choice", so I thought of summarizing and transforming the multitude of combinations, garments , colors seen in 5 tips that I hope will be useful to you in 2019.

1. Be daring with fabrics and colors

In all the fashion shows I saw there were many games of fabrics and colors, so the first piece of advice I would like to give you is the following: indulge yourself with combinations and don't be afraid to dare. In one of the last ones I attended (The One) the designer had combined a maxi transparent plastic jacket with red culottes underneath ... I love!

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2. Equip yourself with an Army-style maxi suit

The second tip is to equip yourself with an Army-style maxi suit / dress as soon as possible. I'm talking about that military green, seen worn by many influencers, but also found on the catwalks. The Army look always maintains its charm and allows you to always be in step with fashion.

3. Can't miss a bit of Animalier ...

Third tip: "Animalier ". Personally I love it, especially the leopard ... Lately I see myself surrounded by python which I must say has great charm; so friends, if you don't have one yet, you must immediately buy a garment of this super sexy fantasy.

4. ... and the head scarf!

We have reached the penultimate, the fourth tip. Surely you have already seen them around and you have already wondered how to wear them, for what occasion and above all how to combine them, I am talking about the "durag ", or rather the scarf tied on the head, a must have this season that personally surprised me. First I confess to you that I am not able to tie it on my head! Well yes, I tried, but with a bad result because when I knotted it on my head I took my hair inside, even tearing some of it. In short, a landslide! But I trust in you and I know that you will surely succeed in this feat ... In the meantime I continue to train!

5. The most important element? Feeling good about yourself!

Fifth and last piece of advice I have left as they say at the end: here I would like to tell you something that comes from my heart, in the face of everything, the first thing is to feel good about yourself, not to force yourself to wear clothes only because they are fashionable if then we feel unsuitable. Fashion varies a lot, and each of us can find the perfect garment while also feeling 100% herself. So yes, indulge yourself, dare, but always remaining yourself and above all being comfortable with what you wear. The trick is to enhance talents, characteristics that you already have, not to become or try to look like someone else. Highlight, with what the new trends make available to us, the best part of you.

Ludovica Pagani