Dreaming of the ex-boyfriend - what does it mean?

Dreaming of an ex boyfriend is quite common: who has never had such a dream, whether or not you are in a relationship with a new partner? Dreaming about your ex can have different meanings: your subconscious is trying to help you because you can truly understand what you feel, whether it is unresolved love for your ex boyfriend, or the need to resolve something from the past that has remained pending, in order to move on with your life.

Dreaming of the ex-boyfriend can be revealing about our present: why does your ex resurface in your subconscious? What is this dream trying to communicate to you? The interpretation of dreams is never unique, but it depends on different factors and also on the same circumstances in which the dream is made. So let's try to find out together what it means to dream of your ex, what the fact that it is a recurring dream can indicate, what it means if there is a new partner in your life. But first, here's a very interesting video on 5 reasons not to be friends with your ex:

What does it mean to dream of the ex?

Dreaming of the ex can have different interpretations, even based on when you broke up. If, in fact, you and your ex have recently broken up, dreaming about it should not be strange to you: it may be that you still feel something for him, maybe not the love of the beginnings, but a very strong feeling that makes it difficult to metabolize the separation. Your subconscious is trying to help you with this dream: it processes your feelings overnight and allows you to assimilate them so that, little by little, you can move on with your life and with a new love.

If it was your ex who left you and you still feel love for him, dreaming of him will only be the expression of your desire to see him, to still have him by your side. this type could be an expression of your anger: maybe you have not told him everything you wanted to and your unconscious helps you to throw out the negative feelings that you still hold and keep you anchored to the past.

In short, if the breakup is really fresh, these dreams are telling you that it will take some time to be able to forget it completely and to metabolize what in psychology is called "mourning".

If you happen to dream of the ex who is suffering, perhaps crying or despairing, it may indicate your sense of guilt towards him: maybe it was you who left him? Is there something that you blame in your relationship? If, on the other hand, it is your ex who harms you or persecutes you in your dreams, it could express a kind of violence inherent in your history, even if only psychological, that has left a trace inside you.

It happens very often that you dream about your ex when you already have a new partner, that doesn't have to scare you! These dreams happen frequently when problems or misunderstandings arise in the relationship you are experiencing now: the dream can be a sort of warning not to repeat the mistakes of the past, or it can indicate something in your old relationship that is in your current one. missing. So it doesn't mean that you are still in love with your ex, but rather that you lack a particular way of feeling that belonged to your old relationship, indicating frustration with the present.

Dreaming of your ex can also indicate simple nostalgia and regret. Maybe you miss him, or maybe that time in the past when you were happy with him, or maybe a place where you had a good time, a phase of your life that you miss now.

Furthermore, according to the interpretation of dreams, the ex can represent a part of you: a side of your character that you have denied, set aside, neglected for too long and that now, through that person from your past, is trying to work its way out of your subconscious to re-emerge into your consciousness. Perhaps this dream can push you not to go back, as you may fear, but to find a new path, a new love, a new path. The dream helps you to close and finally say goodbye to the past, solving the unfinished business.

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What does it mean if it is a recurring dream?

If you happen to dream of your ex very often or even every night, it is a recurring dream and, again, the meanings can be different. If you have recently ended your relationship (whether it was you who left it or not) the "trauma" in you is still very strong, so much so that it obsesses you and reaches you every night in your dreams. Don't worry - these recurring dreams are just how your subconscious is trying to help you get over the breakup and become fully aware of it. Soon your dreams will fade and you will be better off for sure!

The question becomes more complicated if your relationship has closed leaving many questions unanswered: in this case it will be more difficult for you to metabolize the end of the story and in dreams you will continue to torment yourself looking for those explanations that you have been missing in reality. Also in this sense the dream can help you to become aware of the end.

And if your ex was a violent person, physically or psychologically, and you still dream of him very often, it means that the traumatic experience you lived by his side is still very much alive in you and continues to hurt you. you need the help of a professional to overcome this trauma of the past, so that you can regain trust in love and restore serenity in your present and future life.

What does it mean to dream of an ex boyfriend who returns?

Dreaming of the ex boyfriend returning to you is really a lot anyway, especially if you recently broke up: it is nothing more than the expression of how much that person you miss today, especially if you have been together for a long time and have shared a lot.

This dream does not necessarily mean that you want your boyfriend to return to be with you, but it still expresses the presence of a still strong feeling towards him: it can mean that you cannot resign yourself to that detachment, or it simply works as a compensation with respect to the emptiness and the loneliness that the breakup left.

If you have ever dreamed of the ex-boyfriend returning even if you already have a new partner, it could mean either that - as we said before - there is something in the present relationship that you are missing, or that you feel nostalgia for a past that you now have. idealized. This is the reason why dreaming about exes is more frequent when the new story is going through a moment of crisis ...

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What does it mean to dream of being pregnant with your ex?

It can also happen to dream of being pregnant with the ex. What does this rather embarrassing dream mean? It definitely expresses strong feelings, which can be positive or negative based on your attitude in the dream.

If in the dream you find yourself pregnant with your ex and you are happy with this, it means that that relationship has brought you gifts, it has enriched you and that, despite the breakup, the memory of him continues to awaken in you a sense of gratitude. : it's as if your subconscious admits that what you are today is also thanks to him!

If, on the other hand, being pregnant with your ex arouses feelings of discomfort, fear, anger and dismay in you, then it may mean that that relationship has left negative feelings in you, some possible trauma, fears that prevent you from being happy in the present. and that continue to torment you "from the" inside.

What if the ex in the dream were my current partner?

Warning: you may not have thought about it, but the ex in your dream could actually represent your current partner! It often happens that in the dreams of different figures come to "condense" into a single person, and in this case having covered (and covering) the same role in your life may have led you to merge "into one" your ex and your current boyfriend.

This dream is frequent especially when starting a new story and somehow your subconscious has not yet registered "the changing of the guard" and continues to assimilate the two figures based on their role. Get on with the new story, then, don't worry too much about it!

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