Couples Test: What Kind of Unfaithful Would You Be? What could make you cheat?

Betrayal is a thorny subject, which we all try to think as little as possible, in order to avoid spending our days examining all the possible signs of betrayal by our partner. But what if the situation were to reverse and we were the ones to betray? Why could we do this? And what kind of infidel would we be? Let's start, for example, by understanding which zodiac sign is more predisposed:

Betrayal and infidelity test for her

Let's start by specifying that the causes of betrayal can be multiple and it is not certain that if you are happy, betrayal is to be excluded. But what kind of infidel would you be? And what could be the reasons, based on your personality, that would lead you to cheat? Answer these 10 questions that outline a potential cheater based on your choices and reactions. So you can understand if there is still time to recover, if you are almost ready for betrayal and if there are very specific causes that would push you to do it. Here is the test:

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But what if it was your him at stake? What kind of traitor would he be? Here's another test!

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