Mary Poppins - The Return: all the gadgets inspired by the film

Fifty-five years after the first film, Mary Poppins, the nanny who flies clinging to her umbrella, is back in cinemas and on everyone's lips.
In 1954, the nanny with the suitcase made of carpet, was played by a gorgeous Julie Andrews, winning her an Oscar, for best actress.
Today, played by the beautiful Emily Blunt, who returns to London in the years of the Great Depression, in Viale dei Ciliegi number 17, to once again help Jane and Micheal Banks, the two brothers, no longer young, struggling with their respective children and the problems of adulthood.
Will Mary Poppins, to the sound of songs and adventures in a colorful world populated by singing and eccentric animals, be able to bring peace back to the Banks house?

If this movie also made you dream and sing, check out the beautiful gadgets inspired by the sequel!

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For all the Beauty Lover: L "Oreal has created 6 lipsticks of the color riche line, inspired by Mary Poppins, obviously in a limited edition!
Choose yours between nude, red, satin or matte.
For flawless lips like those of the magical nanny!

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"Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every respect"
This is how our heroine is described, both in the first and in the second film.
If you too are a perfect little girl and you never have a hair out of place, a perfect posture, even if you have to fly clinging to an umbrella, this Bobauna bracelet is perfect for you.

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Barbara Millicent Roberts, better known as Barbie, turns 60 this year.
And in all these years, not a Disney character has been lost! Here, in fact, is the Mattel version of Mary Poppins, a faithful reproduction of the original! Perfect for collectors of the most famous doll in the world and for girls who love role-playing games!

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Do you still remember all the songs from the first film by heart?
It's time to learn the ones from "Mary Poppins - The Return" too!
Here is the original album with all the soundtrack, including the musical themes by Marc Shaiman. Have fun singing all the songs with the people you love!

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They could not miss in the sequel, the adorable penguins, madly in love with Mary Poppins.
We really liked this funny reproduction of these funny little animals, in the salt and pepper version.
To give a Disney touch to your home. It will be a real treat, recognizable only by true Disney addicted!

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The hastag #idols is the one that best suits the nanny Mary Poppins.
Beautiful, stylish, smiling, magical. An icon of style and joy.
Wear it in this modern version, with its famous silhouette printed on Tee4Two's 100% cotton t-shirt. Perfect in summer and winter under the cardigan!


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