The missionary position: classic and timeless!

A timeless classic, the missionary position offers couples a relaxing and pleasant moment of pleasure ...
And if you are looking for new positions that favor female orgasm, look here ...

  1. · A bit of history
  2. · The technique
  3. · The sensations
  4. · The drawbacks
  5. · The best time to practice it
  6. · The variants

A bit of history

If we had to choose one, it would be this one. The missionary is the most natural and spontaneous sex position.
It takes its name from the time when the Church evangelized distant lands. The priests sent to the natives advised them this sexual position, presumably more favorable to procreation (although it is not scientifically proven). A curiosity: only humans practice this position.

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The technique

In this position the partners can look into each other's eyes: she is lying on her stomach, he is positioned lying on her, leaning on his elbows and knees to support his weight.

The sensations

Not the best position for stimulating female pleasure. A little because everything is "managed" by the "man, a little because being one above the other it is difficult for your man to stimulate the clitoris too. However, if you can find the right angle, the vaginal stimulation can also be quite intense, especially if you manage to get to the G spot. A variant to increase pleasure and facilitate contact is for the woman to put a pillow under the buttocks.

The drawbacks

For women who prefer to have the reins in hand this position is not suitable at all. Rhythm, intensity and depth of penetration are totally entrusted to the man. Precisely for this reason many women prefer other positions (fortunately the book of Kamasutra has many alternatives), in which the woman has more freedom of movement. It is also a rather monotonous position, which is why it is often chosen as the starting position, a bit like a warm-up, before continuing with more imaginative (and acrobatic) positions.
However, if in Europe the missionary position is still the most common and practiced one, the same is not true in the United States, where the primacy belongs to the "doggie style" (doggie style, just to understand) and to the "cowgirl" ( the Amazon).

The best time to practice it

Despite having the reputation of being a banal and boring position, it remains the most appropriate one especially the first few times because it is easy and natural. Also excellent when you are a little tired but you want to share a moment of intimacy: being one above the other it is easy to kiss passionately and look into each other's eyes.
The missionary position is also made for couples who like to feel the contact of their bodies. For those who want to make love quietly without getting too tired (it happens to everyone!).
For men who like to play and change pace: a slow, faster, deeper, more superficial penetration ... to change the pace and depth of penetration is the ideal position!
In short, if we like the missionary position so much, it is because it is the first that we have all tried and it reminds us of happy moments! Because it is the position of lovers, the one that best represents the classic relationship. The man takes the initiative and his partner accepts it. The man feels manly and can dominate the situation. And one can look into each other's eyes and hug each other with fervor.

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The variants

If you like the missionary position but want to change a little, it is helpful to know that there are variations.
For example, the woman can close her legs. Penetration is still possible, even if the matter becomes a little more delicate. The advantage is that the vagina seems deeper, more closed, because the vestibule becomes narrower and forms a continuity with the vagina. What is the vestibule? It is the space between the labia minora that form a kind of funnel to guide the penetration.

Or, the girl is lying on her back with her legs closed. The guy is lying on her and penetrates her thighs without entering the vagina. The back and forth movements are impossible. For the man, the penis is almost as if it were in vaginal penetration. For the woman, the vulva and the clitoris enjoy the contact ... they are organs very sensitive to pleasure! This variant will especially appeal to girls and girls who want to remain virgin on personal principle or for religious reasons. But it is also suitable for those who really want it, but do not have a condom or do not take any type of contraception.

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