Weekly horoscope March 12-18, 2018: good news for fire signs!

Aries: super week!

Dear Aries, are you ready for another super-week? In this period you are the favorite of the stars! Venus gives you truly unforgettable moments of passion and intimacy with your partner, while Mercury promises new encounters and many good news in the workplace. Yes days of the week will be those of Tuesday, Wednesday, and - above all - Sunday, with a beautiful moon in conjunction. Luck will not fail you!

Taurus: a great start!

Dear Taurus, this week opens with a nice Monday with a favorable moon, in which you can receive some good unexpected news. Tuesdays and Wednesdays, on the other hand, risk being a bit stressful. Do not take on blame or responsibilities that are not yours and stay focused on your goals: the results you are waiting for will soon arrive! The weekend, on the other hand, will be all to be lived in the name of fun and passion with someone special.

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Gemini: impossible to resist!

Dear Gemini, in this period Venus makes you particularly irresistible and it will be easy for you to conquer! Who knows then, between one flirt and the next, you don't just happen to meet the right person with whom to establish a more lasting bond ... Favorable Mercury brings new opportunities and recognition in the workplace. Yes days of the week: Tuesday and Wednesday. A little nervous, however, between Friday and Saturday.

Cancer: a severe test ...

Dear Cancer, the planets are putting you to the test right now. Unfavorable Venus creates tension with the partner and leads to more and more frequent discussions and quarrels. Be especially careful not to get too high on Monday which, with the moon in opposition, will be particularly nervous: you may say things you don't think. Better on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the moon will smile back at you. Be careful if you frequent signs that lead to betrayal:

Leo: open your heart!

Dear Leone, admit it: if you are single right now it is only because, after all, you like singleness! The stars, in fact, favor encounters and the birth of new loves… if it doesn't happen it's only because you have decided not to open your heart, and maybe you should! Excellent opportunities coming to work, but be careful not to conflict with bosses or colleagues on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when the opposite moon could create tensions.

Virgo: getting better!

Dear Virgo, your week marks a good recovery compared to the last period, in which you had to suffer a lot in every area: now, little by little, peace returns both in your love life and in your working life. A particularly lucky day will be that of Monday, while you are careful not to make important appointments (if possible) on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the moon in opposition could play tricks on you.

Libra: planets in opposition ...

Dear Libra, unfortunately this week too you will have to face the opposition of Venus and Mercury ... they will not be very easy days from a sentimental point of view, especially that of Sunday, when the moon will also enter into opposition: try to dedicate some time for yourself and for your relaxation, avoiding to degenerate discussions with your partner into furious quarrels with no way out. Best days of the week: Tuesday and Wednesday.

Scorpio: on the rise!

Dear Scorpio, a period of professional ascent continues for you: you are taking the right steps towards your personal fulfillment and the trials will not be long in coming! This week is all about Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when you will have a beautiful lucky moon to assist you. Attention instead to the days of Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in which some inconvenience may occur that is difficult to manage.

Sagittarius: a special week!

Dear Sagittarius, yours will be a very special week! Favorable Mercury brings good news and interesting encounters, especially on the lucky days of Tuesday and Wednesday. Good news will also come in love: if you are afraid to come forward, take advantage of the stars and throw yourself, you will not regret it! Moon a bit unfortunate, however, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays ... A gallant date? Fix it for Sunday!

Capricorn: the moon takes care of it!

Dear Capricorn, unfortunately love is not favored by the stars this week ... sure you are not tied to the wrong person? Don't worry, if your relationship is strong it will get over even this moment. At work, be careful not to let yourself be exploited, especially by the so-called energy vampires ... Fortunately, the moon will help you: on Monday it will be in conjunction and you may receive some good news.

Aquarius: favored by the stars!

Dear Aquarius, this week the planets will be aligned in your favor to guarantee you success in every area! The days of Tuesday and Wednesday will be really special: take the opportunity to make an important appointment or to get ahead at work ... the desired answers will arrive! Also nice on weekends, in which you can do the load of emotions with your partner or meet someone new and very interesting ...

Pisces: nice surprises!

Dear Pisces, after weeks of great results, perhaps now you will have the impression that things are not moving or that the answers you are waiting for are slow in coming ... do not worry: at work you are favored by Jupiter and in the long term the results will come. This week focuses all on the super-lucky days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, when the moon will stay in your sign: beautiful surprises await you!

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