Envy of the perfect body on the beach: what we envy and how to stop

With the arrival of summer, many think it is necessary to get fit, and we all fear a bit the swimsuit test and try to face it in the most serene way possible. Among those who start crazy diets, those who run for cover with a specific training, and who instead tries to give not too much importance to the thing ... the fact remains that 7 out of 10 Italians suffer from the "Adonis syndrome", that is the envy of the perfect and sculpted body. Could this be why we decide to face situations like those on video? Look:

What is the envy of Italians for the perfect body

According to a study by Nutrimente carried out on a sample of 1500 people, it appears that when Italians are in bathing suits on the beach, 7 out of 10 suffer from the "Adonis syndrome", that is, they envy the perfect physical shape they find in others. Of these, 4 out of 10 are women (46%) and 3 out of 10 are men (32%). Obviously not everyone envies every part of the body: as far as women are concerned, they greatly envy the slender and cellulite-free legs; they would like taller, firmer glutes and more toned arms and breasts. Men, on the other hand, want much more defined legs; they envy the sculpted abs and well-defined biceps. To overcome this discomfort, many decide to turn to those who are less fit than them to console themselves, others compile the list of good intentions, even 2 out of 10 Italians decide not to get dressed up. Here are 3 tips to overcome the envy of the perfect body:

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1. Increase self-confidence

Low self-esteem leads to being attracted to a constant and often unattainable idea of ​​perfection to match. It would be more correct to recognize, appreciate and keep in mind one's abilities and gifts. Thinking you can never be perfect is synonymous with defeat, working with awareness on your defects is always the wisest and most rewarding way.

2. Take care of your body

The goal is just as important as the motivation that drives the goal. Taking care of your body should be a daily dictate dictated by self-love rather than by idealizations. So a healthy diet, proper physical activity, modulated exposure to the sun, skin care, are all things that should be considered regardless. from the costume fitting.

3. Have a positive attitude

Perfection does not exist, except in the imperfections that everyone, absolutely everyone, has. Everyone envies something about someone else and dreams of being different from how they are. For this reason, in the face of what we would like to be / become, it is important to always have a healthy and positive attitude. You can always improve, without ever exaggerating in one way or another. For this we invite you to watch this album and discover all the myths about nutrition:

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