Personality Test: How Do You Transform When Spring Comes?

What effect does spring have on you? The awakening of nature, the change of seasons, the rebirth of the senses, the desire to go out, to make love ... but also sleepiness, allergies, tasks before summer. In short, this season could awaken dark parts of you that you yourself could not imagine. Let's start with what you might find at your table, watch the video:

Personality Test: What Type Are You When Spring Comes?

So are you one who gets excited about the change of the most anticipated season of the year, or one who gets depressed? Does the song of the birds make you want to go out or do you hear only a screeching noise that makes you angry? for the upcoming costume rehearsal or excited and ready to go for winking looks? Find out what kind of person you are in spring, take the test:

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And what kind of friend are you? Are you one of the perfect ones at the time of need? Take the quiz and find out if you are a good friend:

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