How to choose the right sports bra for you

Workout is a moment of communion with yourself where you can finally free yourself from makeup, heels and everything that is uncomfortable, except ... the bra!
Yes, it would be nice, to experience that much-desired feeling of freedom that you feel every time you come home in the evening, but unfortunately training (especially jumping and running) is rather uncomfortable and in cases of abundant breasts, it is even painful!

That's why we decided to guide you in choosing your next sports bra, there is one for every size and every need.

Classic but with style

Why choose a sports bra and not a normal one for training?
Because a sports bra is completely elastic and will hold your breasts firm, without forcing them, adapting perfectly to your natural curves.
We offer you two very simple models of two great brands: Nike and Calvin Klein, iconic in sportswear and not.
A gem of style? Take advantage of the brand in sight and wear it with high-waisted jeans and an oversized jacket for a super urban glam effect!

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Perfect for small breasts ...

Discreet, comfortable and with padding.
To give your breasts a boost and feel good even during training!
Furthermore, the padding will allow you to keep your breasts still in a natural position!

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... and for that abundant

Lovable has always been a guarantee for the most prosperous women, so it is a certainty to rely on them if you wear a size larger than the fourth.
It will adapt to your breasts without constricting them and preventing you from moving. For us it's a 10+!

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For color lovers!

If you can't do without bright colors, even during training, here is the right sports bra for you: bright colors, structured and comfortable model, with padded cups and underwire for greater definition.
Wide straps for maximum support, perfect for High Impact sports!

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If comfort has seduced you

If you can't give up the comfort of a sports bra, even when you want more standard or sexy lingerie, the bralette is a good middle ground: stretchy and comfortable like a sports bra, seductive and full of lace details like the most luxurious of lingerie!
Try it in burgundy!


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