All the tips for a practical and well-organized baby room

If you have to share your room with a child or you have to dedicate a small space to him by obtaining it from another room, with some simple tips, multifunctional furniture and the right decorations, you will have a perfect baby room, without worrying too much about the space available.

A good rearrangement is a simple and ideal solution to transform a room to suit your needs. Here are some tips for a practical and welcoming baby room:

  • Enjoy the room in its entirety, using small functional furniture that adapts to the small spaces available in an already furnished room. Giving up on large dimensions does not necessarily mean giving up on quality. For example, there are smaller, equally practical and well-made cribs (some even with integrated changing mat).

  • Choose furniture with built-in chest of drawers or drawers that will be able to hold games and accessories that you will need on a daily basis. Also consider some pretty baskets (wicker, very trendy right now) that can be placed throughout the house. Practical but still very effective. Also, do not hesitate to take advantage of the space under the beds with special containers.

  • It is possible to organize an open wardrobe simply with a movable washer and hanging the cutest clothes on it.

  • Prefer multifunctional furniture. For example, a changing table with some drawers for storing nappies, hygiene products and some clothes for changing.

  • Buy folding toys and games if possible. Also fix some hooks behind the doors to be able to suspend them and thus recover a little more space on the floor.

    These are some simple tips that will make your life easier.
    Here are our favorite products to make these little time and space saving ideas!
    We are sure you will like them!

4 in 1 cot

This crib is simply wonderful.
Multifunctional, perfect for growing and adapting to the needs of the child while following their growth. It will be enough to remove the bars to transform it into a bench, perfect for a child's room while playing. Also, it includes bed linen and mattress.
Its small advantage? It has a container under the bed for storing games and clothes!

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Wall organizer

Another idea we suggest is to order everything you need in the organizer bags with 8 pockets, practical and pretty, on the wall or with a removable hook. You will have everything at your fingertips!
We really like this model, in wood and linen, which you can attach to a nice coat hanger, as a decoration in the room.

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Diaper organizer

This nappy organizer, where you can keep everything you need for changing at hand, hangs on small furniture such as bedside tables or cribs to keep plenty of free space.
And it is also very pretty to look at!

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Compact and lightweight stroller

Another space-saving idea for welcoming a new little tenant into your home is an ultra-compact stroller. You can also store it in a closet or corner. Plus, it's ultra-light (5 kg) and folds so much that it becomes one. backpack.
Ideal for travel, especially by plane. Includes a changing bag and a lower storage compartment.

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Folding high chair

Forget the classic high chair that takes up half the table in the dining room and you never know where to keep.
The advantage of a folding highchair is that you can easily take it wherever you go, taking up very little space.
A must for all parents.


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