Weekly horoscope from 19 to 25 March 2018: hold on, Bilancine!

Aries: take advantage of the planets!

Dear Aries, at this time you have the planets on your side: the time has come to step forward and take risks! In fact, as never before, your goals are within reach, whether it is work results or your private life. Bet everything on Monday, which will be really super! In fact, you can count on a beautiful moon in conjunction. Saturday and Sunday, however, at risk of nervousness ... that the partner is saved, if he can!

Taurus: a peaceful week!

Dear Toro, yours will be a week dedicated to serenity and energy recovery. Super-lucky days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when the moon will shine in your sign. Take the opportunity to resolve a question that you have been putting off for some time: you will not regret it! The days of Saturday and Sunday are also beautiful, when some lonely heart could have lucky encounters ... Here are three adjectives to describe your sign:

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Gemini: the queen of the party!

Dear Gemini, the planets smile at you! Favorable Mercury protects your every initiative and helps you get to know the right people to carry out any project you can think of. This week you will be the most wanted, the queen of social life! Love will also go well. The best days will be those of Thursday and Friday, with the moon in conjunction: who knows that you may not meet someone special ...

Cancer: grit your teeth!

Dear Cancer, in this period you have to grit your teeth and go straight on your way, without ever losing faith in yourself and in your potential. The planets do not pave the way for you, on the contrary: they create new obstacles from which, however, you will have a lot to learn and in the coming months you will experience a decisive recovery. This week focuses on the good moon days, ie those of Tuesday and Wednesday, but above all the lucky one on Sunday.

Leo: good news!

Dear Leone, good news may be waiting for you at work this week: don't be afraid to step forward, the planets are on your side and success is just around the corner. Lucky days will be especially those of Monday, Thursday and Friday. Love also smiles at you in this period. Singles may decide to accept the flattery of someone they had snubbed up to now: love, on the other hand, is just around the corner!

Virgo: little big happiness!

Dear Virgo, don't always try to analyze everything that happens and try to make the most of the good things that will come these days! It will be a week of recovery, without major peaks, but in which you can treasure many small daily happinesses, especially on clear moon days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday and Friday, however, be careful not to get nervous about matters that do not deserve it.

Libra: no panic!

Dear Libra, unfortunately this week the opposition of both Venus and Mercury continues and you will have the impression that someone is constantly rowing against you. Do not get anxious and avoid getting stuck, especially at work, on Monday, when you will feel particularly bad tempered. Even with your partner, be careful not to say anything that then, as soon as this dark period passes, you may regret ...

Scorpio: opposite moon ...

Dear Scorpio, this week you will have the moon in opposition on Tuesday and Wednesday: it will be two particularly agitated days, in which you will see everything much blacker than it really is. On the weekend, in fact, the moon will return to smile at you and you will realize that you have really taken it for nothing. At work you are favored: don't be afraid to make requests or throw yourself into new projects, they will go great!

Sagittarius: lucky week!

Dear Sagittarius, you are about to have a very lucky week, where it will be fun! The stars help you settle outstanding issues: finally you can explain your reasons and your feelings by feeling understood and loved for who you are! If you don't have a partner, you might find the right one… Be careful only on the off days of Thursday and Friday, when the opposite moon could create some unexpected events.

Capricorn: so many doubts ...

Dear Capricorn, in these weeks you are experiencing a small crisis: be careful not to exaggerate it, because it is only a passing phase. The long-term planets are all on your side! At work, things don't go exactly the way you want them to, and the same with your partner: you are full of doubts and could question your relationship. Lucky days: Tuesday and Wednesday. Bad days: Saturday and Sunday!

Aquarius: magical days!

Dear Aquarius, Favorable Mercury is helping you to get out of a situation in which you no longer lived well to finally give you the satisfactions you were looking for. Then let yourself be carried away by the favor of the stars and don't worry about keeping the situation under control! Even love could come when you least expect it and you won't have to do anything to get it, it will be magical like destiny. Lucky days: Thursday and Friday.

Pisces: ups and downs ...

Dear Pisces, this week is going to be full of emotional ups and downs, but you don't have to worry - you will eventually get by! So do not abandon yourself to discouragement and sadness, especially on days with an unfavorable moon, those of Thursday and Friday. The first part of the week, as well as Saturday and Sunday, will be full of good emotions and there will be little big twists.

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