Spring 2016 fashion: here are the 7 trends that you absolutely must not miss!

Spring 2016 fashion will be cheerful, colorful and delicate. The trends in clothing, colors and accessories such as bags and shoes in fact foresee a predominance of pastel colors indicated by Pantone, that is quartz pink and serenity blue. and colored lines.

To tell you more about spring 2016 fashion, we have thought of a small list with the 7 main trends, all to be discovered and studied.

1. Spring clothing? Suede!

Suede is the most popular fabric of spring 2016. We can say this with some certainty, given the large amount of suede garments offered by fashion brands. In addition to the classic light jackets and coats, ideal for the still cool evenings of March, April and May, you can find a great wealth of suede accessories such as bags and shoes. In the photos below you can find a rich choice of suede clothing, you just need to opt for the one you like best!

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© Mango Suede clothing. The softest fashion to the touch, all for you

2. The colors of spring 2016: pink quartz to be romantic

As we have already told you, the trendy colors in spring 2016 according to Pantone are quartz pink and serenity blue. In fact, here comes a load of pink clothes and accessories for the summer. Between the two, pink satisfies all those who look for pastel shades and delicate shades every spring. Surely in the shops you will find t-shirts, skirts, trousers, shoes, jewels of this color. There will also be the prince of spring outerwear, the bomber jacket. Wouldn't it be great to have this sports jacket in such a stylish color?

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© Bhldn Rose quartz: find out how to be stylish with Pantone 2016

3. Serenity blue, to be elegant with color

For those who prefer a more decisive color instead of pink quartz, without straying too far from pastel shades, here is serenity blue. It is a very trendy color for spring 2016, according to Pantone, the oracle of colors ... It is very close to light purple, and will give your outfit a touch of class. Probably, compared to pink quartz, serenity is more suitable for those who love classic and elegant looks, like a great lady. Discover the best of fashion in this color below!

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© Eniwherefashion Serenity: discover the looks and wardrobe in the 2016 Pantone color

4. Multicolor lines. Discover the rainbow style

If you prefer an authentic explosion of colors to pastel shades, then this spring is your time! A very strong trend is that of "rainbow clothing, or the combination of garments and accessories with colored stripes one on top of the other. The rule would be to have at least three colors distributed on the horizontal or vertical lines ... but you can always multiply the" effect by combining a colorful striped skirt with a sweater or pullover in the same style ...

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© Salvatore Ferragamo Long live the rainbow fashion! Clothes, accessories and looks with colored stripes

5. What about the shoes? Choose ankle boots and mules

As for the spring 2016 shoes, the trend is already certain: ankle boots or mules. The ankle boots are often made of suede, perhaps in a boho style given by fringes and colors such as brown or beige. Mules, on the other hand, are also called sabots, and are shoes, with or without heels, open on the heel, like elegant slippers suitable for every moment. Between mules and ankle boots there is a very rich choice, with more casual models suitable for the day and even more elegant models for the evening.

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© Giuseppe Zanotti Design Mules and ankle boots: spring 2016 shoe trends

6. The bomber jacket: outerwear for the summer

In addition to long or short suede jackets, the outerwear of the summer is the bomber. Suitable for a sporty chic style, the bomber can be transformed in a surprising way. Just find one in silk or satin, for example, to find out how elegant it really is. You can combine it with casual looks or bon ton looks, precisely because during this spring you will find so many options that you will be spoiled for choice. Discover all the spring 2016 bomber jackets recommended by us in the images below!

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© Savoirflair Sporty and chic. Discover the most beautiful women's bomber jackets

7. The great return of jeans, the most popular fabric of spring 2016

And we come to the trend that goes beyond seasons and eras: jeans. The denim craze, thanks to a great return of the 90s trend for spring 2016, affects everyone. Just take a look at the denim clothing gallery below to understand how many shirts, jackets, trousers, skirts, and accessories of denim you will find around in stores. If you have doubts about how to match your jeans in an original way, we suggest you take a look here too: Jeans make spring. 5 simple and creative ways to unleash your denim craze.

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© Gas Everything jeans: when denim is in fashion

The trends of spring did not end there ...

Are you on the hunt for other trends for spring 2016? In addition to the top 7 we told you about, you can find two other trends that you will surely love ...

Suede, embroidered and colored: discover all the bags for spring 2016!

For those wondering what the spring 2016 bags will be like, we can say that the choice will be wide. Also for this accessory, the main inspiration will be bohemian, with suede bags, perhaps with fringes, for all tastes. There will also be embroidery, another important trend of this season that you can discover below. And finally bags will begin to appear. raffia, wicker and straw, which instead will be a stronger trend for the summer. Discover all the bags in the images below!

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© Bally The bags of spring summer 2016

Embroidered clothing: precious and delicate fashion

The embroideries and the crochet workings will enrich the fashion of spring summer 2016. If the crochet workings are more suitable for the summer, the embroideries begin to be seen immediately, at the beginning of the summer. And it's not just about clothes. You will find embroidery on jeans, longs or shorts, and even on accessories such as bags and shoes! Check out the best of the embroidery trend in the photos below!

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© Valentino Here is the embroidered clothing! And fashion becomes precious

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