Making love on the train

In the bathroom

Tight, sure, but intimate and at least original. If you do things right, you will touch the sky with your finger!

The pros: you can lock the door and, unless you stop making the train noise, no one is likely to surprise you.

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The cons: the smells and the dubious hygiene of the place are certainly not inviting ... We advise you to act immediately, already at the beginning of the journey, when the bathroom has not yet been used for its usual purpose.

The best location: standing doggie.

In a sleeping car

It is the maximum comfort for making love on the train!

The pros: you are alone with your boyfriend (unless you have chosen 4 or 6 berths) and you have a real bed, however small.

The cons: there can be some jolts and the beds are quite narrow… be careful not to get hurt!

The best location: the missionary position or 69.

In second class

In times of economic crisis, you can't always afford a journey in a sleeping car or a couchette! But fear not, even in second class there are many possibilities to make the journey more exciting ...

The pros: the risk of being caught in the act is high and the excitement is skyrocketing.

The cons: you are surrounded by other people, and therefore you will have to limit the movements or the screams of pleasure!

The best location: the sitting spoon, or oral sex, but only with the utmost discretion!

The precautions to be taken

- Before starting, wait for the controller to pass and make sure he won't come back to bother you!

- If you don't get off at the terminus, don't forget to monitor the stations, otherwise you and your partner risk finding yourself in Florence instead of getting off in Bologna!

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