5 "unconscious" attitudes that ruin relationships

Your relationship seems to be going pretty well, yet you may already be sabotaging it without realizing it. What are we talking about? Of these attitudes that could put everything into question because if you are in a healthy relationship there are things you should not worry about, instead if the relationship does not work there are things that it would be better to start avoiding and there are at least 5 ways to do so that your story is not as romantic and lasting as the one in the video, watch and learn:

1. Obsess and obsess

One thing is certain is that to start a relationship you must know how to be self-sufficient first, then enter into a relationship in which you can neither obsess nor, above all, obsess the other. The delusions of control you will have to put aside, and avoid to send repeated messages as if there was no tomorrow. Leave him free and free yourself because if there is one thing man hates, it is feeling oppressed!

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2. Criticizing without borders

If you are a critic icon we want to tell you this: you are unbearable as a couple! Questioning every choice or character element of the partner is a very difficult thing to manage. So, if your he in his heart is harboring an end, he has every reason to do it! We say yes to the examination of conscience.

3. Leave room (too much) for jealousy

Jealousy, when it heals, can also be a reason to spur a relationship. But when you have hacked his Facebook profile to read his conversations and related things, then jealousy becomes a disease that can corrode the couple. At the base of a couple there is the principle of trust, in oneself and in the partner. Then you have to stop and understand what kind of jealousy is yours. Because if you go further, the relationship collapses.

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4. Having a pushy ex

How should he react if your ex, your current friend, was the protagonist of your conversations or in any case an ever-present ghost? Sometimes the presence of the ex is not given by a strictly physical presence, but it is more of a mental type: it is you who make the memory of the past history burden in the current relationship. At some point all this insecurity can only hurt him ...

5. Being too desired

Strategies can have a why, and pride, in the right quantities, should always be there too. Be careful though: being proud is one thing, being desired too much is a problem. Being always unattainable (rightly) is boring. do you do it because you are insecure and you want continuous demonstrations, wouldn't it be appropriate to talk to him instead of letting him run away like that?

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However, if these 5 attitudes are not part of your couple routine, or you are changing them, perhaps you would like to seal your love. NO, we are not talking about the fateful yes, but about a tattoo! Here are the most beautiful couples:

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